Thursday, July 18, 2013

NBA 2K...Fortune Teller???

There has been a lot made of what will happen next off season in the NBA when Carmelo Anthony and most notably Lebron James go on the free agent market. Lebron even coming off of back to back championships with the Miami Heat can still opt out of his contract and become a free agent. Destinations like New York and Cleveland are possible but LA?? It doesn’t make sense for Lebron to go there but if its possible then it just might happen. We all know Lebron has proven himself to be diss loyal in the past so anything is possible.

Now I am no believer of good or bad omens but NBA 2K is known as “The most realistic basketball simulation on the market” and depending on your perspective then 2K Sports is the bearer of good news or bad news as it pertains to Lebron James (See Photo Below)

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  1. Good article... Lebron James is a marketing Guro..wherever he goes his marketing sells and skyrocket..but i seriously think that he is going to stay in Miami..where the heat is on ...and possibly a 3rd championship where his marketing will sell more merchandise than ever before..So yes,Lebron is a free agent...But sorry folks..he is staying in south beach ....DAD


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