Monday, July 29, 2013

Steve Smith Takes His Talents To The Slot

12 seasons and still counting Carolina Panthers wideout Steve Smith is still getting it done at a high level. Like most great players he continuously is trying to get better and evolve his talents for the benefit of his team. At 34 years old Smith is going to be used a lot more in the slot this season which makes sense due to the fact that he has ideal slot receiver size. Smith said the following about his new role "I'm looking forward to it, As you get older as a player, you can do a couple things. You can either adapt or not adapt and fade out. For me, what I'm trying to do is adapt."

Smith is embracing that role this season due in large part to former teammate and slot receiver Ricky Proehl becoming the receivers coach, Proehl was Smith’s teammate from 2003-2005. Proehl  when speaking about his former teammate expressed the following "I'm excited about working with him inside, between the hashes,He's got all of the tools to do that, and it's something that he wants to get better at. He's already communicated that to me”. Smith’s incendiary speed and explosiveness is going to allow him to get off the line quick and make plays in the middle of the field further adding to the Panther offense.

So 12 seasons in, 11,000 yards and still counting and Steve Smith at 34 years old is still trying to find ways to evolve himself and not stay content. Love him or hate him you have to respect the hunger and work ethic of the man who wears number 89 in the electric blue on Sundays.

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  1. The #89 That wears Carolina Panthers blue is a true professional...Steve Smith examplifies what an NFL Player should be....He is a good citizen in the community,a family man, A Christian man who never forgot where he came from....and a hard worker at what he does...Steve Smith has been a great role model for my son...For that I Thank Him...And Hope that he is not only an example for my son...but for many others also.,,sign "Dad"


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