Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Orlando Summer League Day 3 Summary

Day 3 of Summer league happened today and usually at this point you get to see players tendencies, consistencies and conditioning all put to the test and on full display. So lets get into the day 3 breakdown.

Consistent performers: Kelly Olynyk and Solomon Hill

3 Days in and Kelly Olynyk continues to blow my mind with how skilled and crafty he is in the post. He plays with patience and poise and he is looking more and more like a rotation player for Celtics as the days pass on by. The long haired power forward collected 21 Points 9 Rebounds and 4 Assists. As much as I still have questions about him Olynyk continues to impress.

The other guy who has strung together 2 straight games of excellent play is Solomon Hill. He has shown the ability to put the ball in the basket scoring 22 yesterday and 15 today leading the Pacers in points. Hill along with Olynyk have put up the ideal performances for their respective teams over the past few days.

Peyton Siva (Detroit Pistons)

Day 3 Stats vs Thunder: 12 Points 7 Assists 1 Rebound 1 Steal 4-10 FG in 24:58 Minutes of play.

To watch Peyton Siva play in person at his time in Louisville was one thing but to look at his stats were another. His numbers were never gaudy but when you watched him play you saw someone who knew how to run an offense and ran it all the way to becoming a national champion. The Knock on Siva is obviously is that he is undersized at 6 feet tall. Today he gave Piston fans a glimpse of what he is capable of which is playing smart efficient basketball, hitting perimeter shots and most importantly taking care of the basketball. His Assist to turnover ratio was 7 to 1 so that’s. If you look at my high school report card you can tell that I’m no mathematician but im more then sure that a 7 to 1 ratio in that category is outstanding. In this league with all of these great athletes its imperative to cut down on turnovers and I feel that Siva brings that to the table.

Final Analysis: Siva set up Andre Drummond several times for some high percentage shots in the paint With big men like him and Monroe he could really flourish on the Pistons if given the chance. He brings poise and stability to Detroit’s weakest part of the team which is point guard (Until Brandon Knight wakes up). I hope Siva gets a shot I feel like his college accolades and his performances today speaks for itself.

Something Out Of Nothing: Terrence Jones

I think in todays game for the Rockets its worth noting that Terrence Jones didnt have the best of days in scoring the ball but still managed the highest plus/minus rating at +10 on the entire team. He shot 1-7 from the field and 4-8 from the free throw line but impacted the game in other areas such as blocked shots with 3 while still hauling in 5 rebounds. Its good to see a young guy still contribute even when he isn't having a good day scoring and to me that’s a sign of development.

James Ennis (Miami Heat)

Day 3 Stats vs Magic: 19 Points 6 Rebounds 1 Steal 5-11 FG in 26:28 minutes of play.

The Miami Heat are world champions and many people may feel that looking toward the future isn't really a priority right now but that’s why Pat Riley is a genius and you are sitting on the couch eating cookie dough ice cream. Riley and many people seem to think they have found a hidden gem in James Ennis similar to Norris Cole a few seasons ago. Ennis like most players the Heat is fundamentally and knows how to play the game. Today he gave the Heat some scoring with 19 points and went a perfect 7-7 from the free throw line.

Final analysis: Still need a bigger sample size on Ennis but if your Pat Riley or anyone in the Heat organization there are certainly some encouraging signs.

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