Friday, July 26, 2013

This Is "The Year" For Demarcus Cousins

Its been 3 seasons since Demarcus Cousins set foot on an NBA basketball court for the Sacramento Kings and in that time a lot of drama has occurred but not many wins have. If we take a look at Cousins we see that he is 6'11 270 pounds but this guy has such a unique skill set for his size. He can play in the low post, high post, face up and back to the basket. He can run the floor at his size and still has the ability to stretch the defense with his jump shot. So the question we need to ask here is, why is such a premier talent not leading his team to the playoffs why hasn't he put it together? The Answer to that is simple and that’s because he hasn't matured and has a serious attitude problem but not everything is DMC's fault the Kings have never surrounded him with the right talent.

This season is the year for Cousins to put all the excuses and bad attitude behind him and become a team leader for a Kings team who made some additions to improve the team. Cousins needs to become that dominating force we all know he is capable of being in Sacramento this year he is 22 with 3 seasons in the league people who like him like myself as well as Kings management can no longer justify his horrible behavior any longer.

When evaluating Cousins game through his 1st three season you can see that he is becoming more self aware of what he does and doesn’t do well. His field goal percentage has improved every year from his rookie season from 43% to 46%. Free throw percentage has increased from 68% to 73%. He has also managed to average 1 steal per season keep in mind that this guy is the teams Power Forward/Center. He also racked up 36 double-doubles which put him top 15 in the league in that category, that’s elite company. So although he may have a bad attitude lets keep in mind that this guy is improving.

This off season one acquisition that I believe be great for Cousins is the signing of Greivis Vasquez. Vasquez is a known facilitator at the point guard position which no disrespect to Isaiah Thomas and Jimmer Fredette is something Demarcus has never had in his entire career. This is a guy who just last season averaged 9 assists and was 2nd among all starting point guards in double-doubles with 25. Vasquez is going to provide some much needed stability at the point guard position for Sacramento and will improve the ball movement which only improves life for Cousins.

So everything is there for the taking this season for Demarcus Cousins. He has had a busy summer surely he has been working hard. The Kings have improved the roster with guys like Greivis Vasquez and Ben Mclemore. He has experience in the league. Its all in the attitude if it gets corrected he is an all-star and becomes the focal point for success in Sacramento but if it dosen't its then he is also the focal point for failure. So whats it going to be Demarcus?? You said you want to be a King but do you want to make the word “Sacramento” mean something when you put that jersey on??

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