Monday, July 29, 2013

Converse Needs To Bring Back Retro Larry Johnson Sneakers

In the very long line of great 1990's sneaker commercials the Converse“Grandmama” ads for then Charlotte Hornets star forward rank near the very top right next to the “Lil Penny” ads for Nike and all those great Air Jordan commercials. With the retro movement being very alive in the sneaker world I think this is the perfect time for Converse to re release the Larry Johnson sneakers to the public.

With Brands like Jordan, Nike and Reebok all flooding the market with retro releases I think there is still a void to be filled as far as variety goes. It's been a very long time since Converse made a huge impact in the shoe game. With no athletes to produce new sneakers for and market to the public Converse has had to rely on its history to sell its product. The Brand can get away with that because the sneaker has such a foothold among fashion in American culture that it will continue to sell at a high level because Chuck Taylor's are simply timeless. It's been a long time though since Converse had any sneaker that people see ads for or rush to store go buy since probably the Wades back in the mid 2000's when Wade 1st broke in the league. Re Releasing classics by LJ such as the “React” or “Aero Jams” would bring more variety to local sneaker stores and it would provide a chance for people like myself who love the Aero Jams but never had the chance to buy them a chance to get themselves a pair. The move can't do nothing but help the Converse brand.

The Biggest reason that this move is perfect to make at this time is that the Charlotte Hornets name is coming back to Charlotte next NBA season and we all know how many popular sneakers used teal&purple over the last few years. Just check out some of the best Hornet colored sneakers we have had over the last few years.

Lebron 10 Hornets

Retro Air Jordan Grape 5's

Adidas Crazy Quick Teal/Purple

Those are 3 examples right there of sneakers in the shoe game that made a huge impact and with the name coming back to the NBA dropping arguably the greatest sneaker of that team's era just makes perfect sense. So Converse call LJ or his people and make it happen for the sneaker heads worldwide. 

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