Thursday, July 11, 2013

David Ortiz Breaks Hits Record For Designated Hitters

Many greats have been DH's at one point like Frank Thomas, Gary Sheffield, Eddie Murray, Harold Baines, Edgar Martinez and even Bo Jackson. All of the aforementioned vastly talented players all knew how to swing a Louisville slugger but as of today no Major League Baseball player in the entire history has more hits from the designated hitter position than Redsox slugger David “Big Papi” Ortiz. The Redsox star passed Harold Baines by hitting a double in the 2nd inning vs the Mariners on Wendsday
  afternoon to ultimately collect his 1,689th hit and pass Baines for #1 on the DH all time hits list.

In 1973 the game of baseball and the way it was played changed forever when the Designated hitter rule was introduced in 1973. The rule clearly states that as the DH a player does not play the field or any type of defense on the diamond but rather just go up to hit a baseball and that’s it. The rule is used in the American League and the purpose it serves is basically to add an extra hitter to the bunch as opposed to the National League format of 8 position players who hit along with the pitcher.

Papi has had a storied career in Boston and a ton of big hits since he arrived. For the better part of his career he has spent his time just DHing and has done a great job over the years. When its all said and done he might go down as the greatest designated hitter to have ever played in the MLB......Congrats Papi!!!!

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