Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Orlando Summer League Day 2 Summary

Day 2 of the Orlando summer league was in full swing this morning and afternoon so lets get into this breakdown.

Andre Roberson (Oklahoma City Thunder)

Day 2 stats vs Magic: 6 Points 9 Rebounds 3 Steals 1 Block 3-4 FG in 26:25 minutes of play

In the NBA Draft a few weeks ago it was said by many that the Oklahoma City Thunder made the best value pick when they traded with the Minnesota Timberwolves for Andre Roberson. Monday in his game vs Orlando he showed why people were saying those things about him. He was efficient, tough and athletic. He shot 3-4 from the floor showing that he had the ability to be efficient. He ate the glass collecting 9 rebounds providing some stability on the interior for the Thunder. He also showed a knack to be able to get his hands on the ball on the defensive end forcing 4 turnovers with 3 steals and a block. Roberson is a solid player who can help the Thunder but he still has some things to work on.

Final Analysis: Solid performance today by Roberson but as efficient as he was on offense today he still needs to expand and refine his offensive game in terms of range in his shot and creating his own offense besides all that though solid showing by him but he needs to build some consistency off of this.

Maurice Harkless (Orlando Magic)

Day 2 stats vs Thunder: 14 Points 5 Rebounds 2 Assists 3 Steals 1 block 3-8 in 34:46 minutes of play

Until the later parts of the 2012-2013 season Maurice Harkless didn't see consistent minutes in the Orlando Magic rotation. When he got his time though he showed he was a very talented player he wasn't just some scrub from St.Johns. In his game against the Thunder Monday he put on a good performance. Harkless from the get go was in attack mode earning himself 12 trips to the free throw line. The only problem was he converted only 8 of them, free throw shooting was a big problem in his game last season shooting only 57%. anyway its still good to see him playing a lot more aggressive most young guys play scared and shy. Harkless will get a chance to have a bigger role on the Magic this season.

Final Analysis: Harkless is a good player with some upside in the free throw and perimeter shooting areas of his game. I liked what I saw from him today he needs to keep that aggressive mentality because it will help him improve on the floor. All in all good things happened when Harkless was on the floor he had a team leading +14.

Solomon Hill (Indiana Pacers)

Day 2 stats vs Sixers: 22 Points 9 Rebounds 4 Assists 1 Steal 7-11 FG in 28:35 minutes of play.

I didn't know much about Solomon Hill before Mondays game against the Sixers so in many ways this was a first impression for me and man did he impress. The small forward standout out of Arizona displayed the range hitting 4-5 three pointers. He also displayed the ability to grab rebounds pulling in 9 of them. So far it was on of the best performances in the Orlando summer league so for now I got nothing but great things to say about Solomon Hill.

Final Analysis: If Danny Granger doesn’t come back to the Pacers Solomon Hill may be able to find some minutes in the Pacer rotation. Indiana isn't the best perimeter shooting team in the league so if Hill can consistently bring that to the table he will find a home somewhere in the league

Guys like Kelly Olynyk also had an impressive showcase in day 2. Stay tuned for my day 3 summary coming soon.


  1. I liked the breakdown on all those guys! Solomon hill is your prototypical player who grew leaps and bounds in college. Also it will be interesting to see who wins out between Tobias Harris and mo harkless long-term for orlando

  2. Yeah the youth movement in Orlando is something to keep an eye on especilly with them being in our division. I Like Solomon Hill i should have payed more attention to him in College


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