Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I'm Ready For The Return Of The Charlotte Hornets

Several hours ago I made what seems to be an all to frequent trip to Aventura mall to go shop for some new indoor basketball shoes due to lack of padding and comfort ability of my old basketball sneakers. As I was shopping for sneakers I noticed something on the Mitchell&ness shirt rack in Champs I noticed that they had a bunch of cutoff t-shirts of many different teams suchs as the Heat,Sonics,Bulls,Knicks and Raptors. This compelled me to check for Charlotte Hornets gear and not only did they have Charlotte Hornets gear they had a Larry Johnson shirt as pictured in the middle I wasted no time in buying it along with a hat.

When shopping for some new basketball shoes I wanted something light, comfortable and stylish. This led me to purchase the Adidas Crazy quick in teal and purple also pictured above. What is it about that combination of Teal and purple? What did Alexander Julian know about those colors that we didn't? Maybe it was that something so gaudy that made such a statement was part of an NBA uniform and when that uniform spoke it always said boldly “This Is Charlotte”.

It's been a horrendous 2 season in Charlotte but I like any other Charlotte basketball fan I am looking forward to the future with a good young nucleus of players we have building with guys like Kemba Walker, Michael Kidd-gilchrist, Bizmac Biyombo and now Cody Zeller. Free agency along with the possibility has me realistically having hopes for the franchise in the CLT for the 1st time in a while.

The 2013-2014 Season will be a season of excitement, development but the 2014-2015 season will mark the rebirth of one of the NBA's more iconic franchises and the return of Charlotte basketball's identity. Most importantly though it will mark Charlotte's return to the NBA playoffs and for people like me who play basketball daily that teal and purple being relevant to today’s NBA will be a great feeling when I wear the city on my Teal and purple Adidas sneakers.

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  1. They said that colors at times represent a message,logo,or history of significance to a place or destination.The originality of its colors..could never be replace by any other color or design.The same holds true to the original "Charlotte Hornets" with there teal and purple colors.They are irreplaceable..So say good bye to the "Bob Cats"..and bring back the teal and purple ...and the hornet logo back where you belong.Welcome back home"Charlotte Hornets.I enjoy the article a lot. Dad.


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