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Orlando Summer League Final Summary

Sorry for not posting the day 5 and 6 summary’s of the Orlando summer league, I was kind of busy the last few days and didn’t have a chance to give you guys my first class, premium analysis I love to give. Orlando Summer league has now concluded so with that said lets focus on some of that players who left a great impression with fans and teams alike.

Reggie Jackson (Oklahoma City Thunder)

Summer League Stats: 19.5 Points Per Game 2.5 Rebounds 2.5 Assists 1 Steal 53%FG

Reggie Jackson in his Boston College days was one talented scorer. I can attest to that seeing him the ACC lighting up the Hurricanes. As a pro though it seems like Reggie is finally coming into his own. Last season as Russell Westbrook was injured in the playoffs Reggie gained valuable experience and played some good basketball. A more matured game and demeanor seem to be a bi product of that invaluable experience for Jackson. This summer league he wanted to show Thunder management that he should be in their plans moving forward. He did all that and more as he lead all Orlando summer league players in scoring at just under 20 a game and actually set a new Summer league record for points in a game with 35.

Final Analysis: Reggie has shown the ability put the ball in the basket and moving forward as he continues to mature and develop I see the Thunder running small line ups with him at the 1 Westbrook at the 2 and Durant at the 3. The better he plays the more line up flexibility it gives OKC which makes them much more dangerous. Reggie Jackson took some great steps in this summer league season.

Kelly Olynyk (Boston Celtics)

Summer League Stats: 19.5 Points Per Game 8 Rebounds 2.8 Assists 2.3 Steals .5 Blocks 57%FG

I have to say I had a lot of doubts about Kelly Olynyk and I still do but he proved to me in Summer League he can play. He isn’t overpowering in strength but he is crafty and knows how to score the basketball. With his perimeter jump shot he stretches the defense and with his footwork in the post he can create his own offense. I was thoroughly impressed with Olynyk.

Final Analysis: Kelly Olynyk granted this was summer league was dominant and the guys he will see when the season starts will be way more experienced and polished but he is going to be a good fit with Rondo. New coach Ben Stevens needs to get Rondo and this guy on the same page. I think a lot of high pick and pops with Rondo and Olynyk will do wonders for the Celtic offense. I’m looking forward to see how the Celtics use him in this years rotation.

Victor Oladipo (Orlando Magic) 

Summer League Stats: 19 Points Per Game 4.3 Rebounds 2.3 Assists 3 Steals 37%FG

If you’re a Magic fan then this season is going to be an exciting one and that excitement comes in the form of first round draft pick Victor Oladipo. This guy has a motor on him and just gets after it on the defensive side of the ball. If you watched him at Indiana you would know he broke the SEC record for steals set by Isaiah Thomas. Watching him at summer league he was all over opposing players causing deflections and forcing turnovers he averaged 3 steals a game. I knew he had a motor and could lay defense but I didn’t know he had the ability to run the point. In many summer league games the Magic had Oladipo running point guard and he did a good job of setting up his teammates.

Final Analysis: The youth movement in Orlandohas to be exciting if you’re a Magic fan with young guys like Nikola Vucevic, Maurice Harkless and Tobias Harris all having the chance to grow with each other. Throwing a guy like Oladipo into that mix just gives them a guy who can potentially be an All-Star and I’m excited to see what’s in store for the Magic youth.

Terrence Jones (Houston Rockets)

Summer League Stats: 15.8 Points Per Game 7 Rebounds 2.5 Assists 1.2 Blocks 42%FG

Terrence Jones is a very talented player. After being sent to the D-League because the Rockets couldn’t find minutes for him in the Houston rotation. It was a blessing in disguise for him because he had a chance to work on his game and polish up. He clearly showed that he improved as he now can handle the basketball, plays with a purpose and every now and then can hit a 3 pointer. Terrence Jones is a man and he plays like one on the glass and gives you great effort.

Final Analysis: Terrence Jones proved this summer league he is no D-League lifer if anything he proved why he is the Rockets future starting power forward. I really hope that’s the case because he is a solid player and I’d hate to see that talent go to waste.

Andre Drummond (Detroit Pistons)

Summer League Stats: 15.7 Points Per Game 15 Rebounds 1.3 Assists 2.7 Steals 2.7 Blocks

Andre Drummond is for lack of a better term a “Stat Sheet Stuffer”. Looking at his summer league numbers will indicate that for you. The Pistons recently picked up Josh Smith and I feel that him, Monroe and Andre Drummond can be the best frontcourt in the NBA. They all know how to rebound and score in the post but all of them are very flawed fundamentally in some areas, Andre Drummond showed that during summer league.
Final Analysis: Drummond has all the physical tools to be an elite center in the NBA but he needs to play smarter and become more efficient from the free throw line. Beside all of that though I think that he is a phenomenal talent and will continue to progress as long as he doesn’t get lazy.

Stay tuned for my new Vegas Summer league series coming soon.

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