Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Strouf's Take: NCAA Compensation

College Station, Texas --- Unless you've been living in a cave for the last, who knows how long, you're probably well aware of the NCAA's rules when it comes to receiving money. Johnny Manziel, the reigning Heisman trophy winner and quarterback of Texas A&M has been receiving a great amount of criticism due to the ongoing investigation on whether or not he has been receiving money for autograph signings.

Now, let's take a pause right there. Can I ask what the problem is? Professional athletes, including the third-string defensive end on your favorite NFL team, receive thousands of dollars for signing a football or two, but let's throw a temper-tantrum because the Heisman trophy winner is receiving a small amount of cash for signing a card and a football. College is expensive, obviously. Is that even an excuse? No, I don't believe it is, but when it comes to college athletes receiving compensation for signing autographs at the local memorabilia store, what is the issue? It's going to happen in four years (at most) anyway.

This became a very interesting story on the brand new show "Olbermann" on ESPN2. He opened Tuesday's show discussing this exact issue, and said something that inspired me to write this article.

"What's the problem with making a small amount of cash when somebody else will make a big amount?"

Tony Kornheiser, co-host of hit ESPN show, "Pardon the Interruption" joined Keith Olbermann on that same episode, and made a very interesting point when it came to the NCAA. Kornheiser said, "Maybe the top 64 teams will say 'bye-bye, see you later [to the NCAA]' and form their own league. They can crown a champion through a playoff." He also added the facts that student athletes are allowed to receive pay from both the University and for what this whole discussion is about, memorabilia and appearances.

What is the consequence going to be if the outcome of the Manziel situation if it turns out he did accept payment? Will a representative of the NCAA say, "Hey kid, although everybody would have done the same exact thing as you, you're suspended four games." Or will it be something along the lines of, "Oh, you did do it? Oh, so, uh.. want some wings?"

"Yes, I did accept money for signing several autographs that are worth a lot of money. Is there a problem?"


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  1. While I agree that they should be paid in some form, the rules are rules. There's no reason that Manziel shouldn't have to follow the same rules that everyone else does. If he did take money, he broke the rules and should be disciplined accordingly.


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