Sunday, August 11, 2013

Basketball Lifer Dre Baldwin Gets Selected To Play In Nike "Summer Is Serious" Basketball Game

They say good things come to those who wait well that statement could not ring any truer for basketball lifer Dre Baldwin. Before I get into the whole point of this post let me give you some background on Dre Baldwin.

  • ·       Played Professional basketball overseas in Germany, Lithuania, Montenegro and Mexico.

  • ·       Played college ball at division III PSU-Altoona

  • ·       Has released over 3,000+ Basketball related Youtube Videos

    Why is this info relevant you may ask, well I’ll tell you why. We all as humans have a strong inclination to make excuses or attribute our own personal failures to something else outside of ourselves. Dre Baldwin is a guy who himself wasn’t recruited out of high school to play college basketball. He will tell you himself that his game is very limited as far as god given talent and the rest was persistence and hard work putting hours in the gym.

Dre Baldwin has become an authority for young up and coming basketball players to gain insight into what it takes physically, mentally and beyond to play basketball at a high level. People like myself who are on the come up use a plethora of his YouTube videos by him to better ourselves on and off the court.

The best part about Dre Baldwin though is that you don’t need to be a basketball player or even like basketball to appreciate what it is that he's doing. On his Youtube channel he has a segment called “Weekly Motivation” where he basically covers a general idea that translates beyond the hardwood and into other arenas of life. To see what I’m talking about click on the video below.

So Dre established his own lane and thousands upon millions of people in the basketball world have grown to love him. So now the hardwork Baldwin has been putting in has come full circle as he was selected 2nd overall to Kevin Durant’s team for the Nike “Summer Is Serious” basketball pick up game taking place in Brooklyn ,New York. The game features 2 teams both hand picked by NBA stars James Harden and Kevin Durant. Baldwin was the 2nd player selected to Durant’s team.

With all of that said good luck to Dre Baldwin and good luck to him in Brooklyn on August 16th. Make sure you check him out on Youtube and of course


  1. Love this. Never heard of Dre, but the dude seems like he gets it. Best of luck to him.

    1. Yeah man he does. I have had the privilege to pick his brain about basketball on a few occasions, he gave me some great insight.


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