Saturday, August 17, 2013

Great Rookie Cards (Part 2)

#29 1974 Topps George Gervin

George “The Iceman” Gervin one of the best nicknames for one of the best scorers in NBA history. Gervin throughout his career won 4 scoring titles and scored over 26,000 points. I'm not sure when the term “Silky Smooth” was used to describe a basketball players game but if I took a guess I'd say it started with Gervin.

#28 1996 Skybox Z-force Kobe Bryant

One of the greatest players in the history of the NBA kicked of his career in LA during the 1996-97 season. 17 seasons later Bryant has become one of the most accomplished players ever winning 5 championships, 4 scoring titles and 15 all-star teams. Kobe to this day is still a joy to watch, hope he has a successful recovery from his ACL this coming season.

#27 1987 Donruss Bo Jackson

Bo Jackson was a dominant 2 sport athlete doing so in both the NFL and MLB. In this edition of Donruss 87 he is pictured in those sweet baby blue Royal uniforms ready to take the baseball world by storm. Bo Jackson was a walking video game.

#26 1989 Score Troy Aikman

The Dallas Cowboys franchise hasn't been “Americas Team” since the Aikman days and for good reason. Aikman was a 6 time pro bowler as well as a 3 time super bowl champion. He was just a winner and will forever be remembered by Cowboy fans everywhere.

#25 1963 Topps Deacon Jones

Deacon Jones was a game changer as far as rushing the quarterback goes. He is sited as the person who coined the term “sack” as in when you hit the quarterback. Deacon was an 8 time pro bowler who accumulated 194.5 sacks in his illustrious career. Redskins hall of fame coach George Allen called Deacon Jones “The greatest defensive end of the modern era”.

#24 1983 Topps Tony Gwynn

Whenever you speak about the sweetest swings in major league history you got to start with “Mr.Padre” Tony Gwynn. Gwynn a 15 time all-star and 8 time batting champion was probably the best left handed contact hitter ever. Over the course of his career he had 338 batting average while never hitting lower then 309. It really pains me that he never won a world series.

#23 1988 O-Pee-Cee Brett Hull

Brett Hull was one hell of a player during his career. 1,391 Points is what Hull collected and he played at a high level no matter where he went whether it was Detroit, Dallas or St. Louis Hull performed at a high level. None higher then when he put a gaudy 86 goals during the 1990-91 season.

#22 1996 Upper Deck Allen Iverson

One of my all-time favorite players in NBA history comes in the form in none other then Allen Iverson. AI changed the NBA just by being himself with his tattoos and corn rolls whether that it was for better or for worse is just a matter of opinion. Iverson an 11 time all-star and MVP in 2000-2001 is one of the most exciting players to ever play the game. There will never be another AI.

#21 1986 Topps Barry Bonds

Barry Bonds is a living walking asterisk. He has hit the most home runs in baseball history but it will never get its proper respect because he cheated the game. Although he refused to sign my baseball when I was a kid I still love and respect Barry Bonds as a baseball player.

#20 1984 Star Hakeem Olajuwon

He wasn't always “Hakeem” but he came into the league as “Akeem” Olajuwon. Regardless of the first name Olajuwon remains one of the greatest centers ever. His footwork is undoubtedly the best we have ever seen. The dream shake is still one of the most effective moves I'm surprised more players don't use it.

Hope you enjoyed the 2nd part of my 4 part series on great rookie cards in sports history. Stay tuned for part 3 coming up in the next few days. 

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