Sunday, August 18, 2013

Nerlens Noel & Michael Carter-Williams Represent Positives For 76ers In 2013

Expectations aren't to high for the Philadelphia 76ers this season but that’s a good thing for their 2 new young pieces in Nerlens Noel and Michael Carter-Williams. In a year that will be looked at as a throw away year in Philly will be a time for Carter-Williams and Noel to gain valuable experience and learn to play at the NBA level. Both are 1 and and done players and are coming into the league solid in some areas but still need to polish up on a lot of other things.

Nerlens Noel played just over 20 games at Kentucky before tearing his ACL. In that span of time he collected 106 blocks and was threatening to break Anthony Davis school record of 186 set the year before him. Noel due to injury slipped from going 1st in the draft all the way down to 6th and was drafted by the Pelicans. Not to long after being drafted he was later traded to the Sixers for all-star point guard Jrue Holiday. On a very thin Sixers roster Noel will get playing time and brings the uncanny ability to block shots and be a rim protector. At the NBA level guys are a lot bigger,stronger and faster so it will be interesting to see how Noel performs in his 1st year. “I'm going to make them pay” said a confident Nerlens Noel about the 5 teams who passed on him because of his injury. We will have to wait till about December to see if he holds true to his word as he continues to recover from his ACL injury.

The Sixers traded Jrue Holiday because they because it was time to rebuild and they believe in the talent of Michael Carter-Williams. At 6'6 Carter-Williams already has an advantage over most guards in the size department and posses the ability to do a lot of things well such as rebounding where he averaged 4.9 rebounds per game last season at Syracuse. Carter-Williams in terms of skill set has a lot of things to like such as his ability to post up pretty much any point guard he wants. Another things is his ability to switch on pick and rolls onto bigger players. If he keeps the right attitude MCW could be a solid help defender he has all the tools. His biggest weakness is his ability to shoot the basketball efficiently last season in college he shot 39% form the the field and 29% behind the 3 point line. Once he get a reliable Jump shot the sky is the limit for this guy.

So the Sixers will be bottom feeders this year in the association but thats not a bad thing. Getting these guys minutes without the pressure or expectation of winning this year is a good thing. The 76ers will lose a lot of games but being horrible this year my land them Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker then before you know it you have a nice young solid foundation of good young players.

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