Monday, August 19, 2013

Dante Exum: Basketball's Best Kept Secret

Melbourne, Australia's own, Dante Exum, an 18 year old 6'6 combo-guard with silky-smooth athleticism, with the build of Penny Hardaway or Russell Westbrook, which is saying a lot considering how good both of them are.

He is capable of both Guard positions but is considered as a PG before a SG. A PG with the ability to light up the score board, which is evident by his 33 point performance at the FIBA U19 World Championship's and 30 of those 33 points were in the 2nd half alone.

As well as his knack for scoring, his playmaking should not be forgotten. Exum's playmaking is more than capable for him to be a starting PG in the NBA. His first step is so explosive that it causes his teammates to have open opportunities to score.

What other PG in the NBA can shred defences by kicking out the ball after driving? Tony Parker. The one weakness in Dante Exum's game is his outside shot. I wouldn't necessarily call his outside shot weak, it's rather inconsistent and he's improved it from last year, but it's the one facet of his game that needs the most improving.

Exum can get hot in a hurry and is dangerous from anywhere on the court when it happens. Even though, he's been playing on-ball offence for most of his years, he quickly learned and adjusted to play off-guard with Dennis Schroeder at the Nike Hoop Summit against Team USA. As you can see, 20 seconds in, there is Dante Exum, already blowing past defenders like it's nothing with his deadly first step. What would a un-guardable first step be without the ability to finish? Exum has that too, as it is showcased in this video.

Not many people know about him since he's from Australia but he's a projected top 5 pick, 3rd overall by Chad Ford, in the stacked 2014 draft and consensus first overall pick in the 2015 draft. Exum has the potential to be the best player out of the aforementioned, stacked 2014 draft. He is still 50/50 on whether to go to college/university in the United States or enroll in the 2014 NBA Draft. Whether he plays in the NCAA or the NBA in 2014, he is going to excel. Everyone familiarize themselves with this 18 year old because he is going to become basketball's biggest pleasure to watch soon. Dante Exum, folks.

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