Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Curious Case Of Tyreke Evans

This season is all about fresh starts in New Orleans. New logo, new team name, new colors and most importantly new talent with guys like Jrue Holiday and Tyreke Evans. There is no denying the talent on the Pelicans roster but the real question is how will it all mesh together with them being so guard heavy. The biggest question comes in the form of former Rookie of the year Tyreke Evans. The 6-6 versatile ballplayer has disappointed the basketball world majorly over the last few years seeing his points decrease and a whole lot of inconsistency. Now there isn’t any denying the talent of Evans but will the move from the Kings to the Pelicans wake him up and reenergize his career.

Tyreke as many of you know set the basketball world on fire in 2009 during his rookie of the year campaign where he joined the likes of  Michael Jordan,Oscar Robertson and Lebron James to average 20 points 5  rebounds and 5 assists. That is some pretty elite company and it only makes sense that people would have expectations of him being an elite player. Over the past few seasons he has looked disengaged playing on losing Kings teams but that in part is due to him not improving as a basketball player. This is the NBA coaches and players make adjustments after they have film of you so while the league adjusted to Tyreke the adjustment was never made for Tyreke to adjust to the league.

Hopefully his move to the Pelicans re energizes his career because when he is playing at a high level he is as fun to watch as anybody in the NBA. The Pelicans are very guard heavy and Evans has already made it clear that he will come off the bench and play anywhere from point guard to small forward. I think playing on a team as the 6th man not only gives the Pelicans great line up flexibility but puts him in a position to show his versatility while staying on the floor for a team that has playoff potential which is all Evans really wants which is to win.

So when the Reke show makes its debut in the big easy its put up or shut up, this is year 5 and you are now playing with talented players at every position. I nor are most basketball asking for the return of 2009-10 Tyreke Evans (Although it would be cool to see) but what we are asking is for Evans to be a factor for the Pelicans playing basketball at a high level. All I know is that the curious case of Tyreke Evans will be a fun thing to watch this season in the NBA.


  1. Reke is a curious case! He has a versatile skillset as I have seen him play positions 1-3 effectively at times. Then I've seen him kinda go through the motions out there. One glaring weakness is his jumpshot.He loses confidence in every area when it is off. His j won't improve with his current technique because that fade with the shot coming behind his head alters balance and hurts precision. However reke can play to his strengths and be a positive for the pelicans

    1. Yeah I just want to see him play at a high level and produce.He needs to go straight up when he shoots thats fade away crap.


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