Friday, August 9, 2013

Dwight Howard Destroys Twitter Hater

Lakers fans are still pretty salty about Dwight Howard and understandably so they aren't used to being stood up by big name free agents but that hasn't stopped them from attacking Dwight via social media. If you scroll down below it didn't stop one Laker fan from talking about championship rings to Dwight on Twitter but it proved to be a big mistake because Dwight wasn't about to let that fly.  @uHateBre let her feelings for Dwight be known to him about leaving the Lakers for the Rockets.

Now Dwight is a successful basketball player and has a very playful personality so I'm pretty sure back in the days as a kid in Atlanta Dwight had his fair share of rank battles and witty comebacks for peoples hate or jokes, this was no different here.

Dwight Howard will be looked down upon by some people for firing back at an ignorant follower but I salute him for doing what other NBA players won't do and that’s put people in their place.


  1. serve up a softball like that one and be ready for the line drive back atchya!

    1. Exactly got to be able to take what you dish out,that girl is getting clowned by everybody after that one.


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