Saturday, August 10, 2013

Tru School Of Kicks: Reebok Scrimmages (New Orleans Saints)

Earlier in the year Reebok re released the retro “Scrimmage” sneaker from 1992 in several color ways of NFL teams such as the Falcons,Cowboys and Dolphins. They had a good response from those so they decided to release these one in the New Orleans Saints colorway. Being a huge Carolina Panther fan its hard to say that I like these but I do black and gold are solid colors to pair up regular shirts with and not to hard to match.

Reebok did another excellent job with these NOLA edition of the scrim’s.

I like how the brown gum bottom towards the bottom of the shoe really completes that classic look. I wonder if any Saints players will rock these on field this season. They are now available now online


  1. Hell, I may have to check our supplier for this one. The game gear ads we run are from the biggest supplier in the country. He told me by phone recently that he runs's shop, as well as the official Saints site shop.

    Surely he has these; I just haven't looked in his sneaker section recently. Those gear ads are "hard coded" but if I pull the pic from his stock he may hard code me an ad to run, just for that sneaker. I like it!

    (he recently hard coded me a Saints pet gear ad, I need to go find it in his list & run it)

    1. They are fairly new so he might not have them.

    2. I can always clone your pic & email it to him, see what he says. My feelings on gear ads is that there's nuggets hidden in the dirt that's hard for peeps to find.

      A single "targeted ad" with one special product may perhaps do better than a broad-base ad. Thanks buddy.


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