Sunday, August 4, 2013

What If Rick Vaughn Was Real?

Over the course of everyday I ask myself many obscure random questions and yesterday was no different. After a long tiring day I came back home and was watching some TV on the couch flipping threw my local TV listings when suddenly I saw that MLB network was showing Major League 2. Now I have seen the movie hundreds of times, the Cleveland Indians were a team full of personalities like Willie Mays Hayes, Pedro Cerrano, Jake Taylor and most notably Rick Vaughn. So I asked myself the question “How would Rick Vaughn be if he was a real baseball player in the MLB and not just some fictitious character”? So I thought about it and I decided to take it to a blog post, so here it is my Rick Vaughn MLB breakdown…..If he were real.

The Ballplayer

Rick Vaughn by Charlie Sheen was a pitcher and he embodies the essence of who Sheen is and that’s rough around the edges, hardcore, and plays by his own rules. Rick Vaughn was a high velocity pitcher in Major League 1 he was known for his control problems but people knew he had an arm on him and could throw heat with the best of him. So as a starter Rick Vaughn in real life would be a spectacle to watch. He is not afraid to challenge you inside outside and if you piss him off he will hit you with a pitch and doesn’t mind getting ejected this guy played in the California Penal League for Christ sakes.

In Major League 2 after losing some velocity on his fastball he was moved to the bullpen as a closer. When he was the closer he could throw as much gas as he wanted. So Vaughn sounds kind of like John Smoltz if you ask me. This guy if real would have John Smoltz like stuff but with a John Rocker personality.

The Marketing Tool

If you have seen anyone of the “Major League” movies then you would know the Rick Vaughn comes out to The Troggs-Wild Thing. With that song as his trade mark music marketing opportunities for Vaughn would be endless. Not to mention that hair do and the specs glasses he wears. Rick Vaughn as a marketing tool would be unlike anything we have ever seen before because not only did he have the edgy side to him like in Major League 1 but he also had that rich clean cut image in Major League 2 when money got to his head. So Rick Vaughn in interviews and commercials would be as unpredictable as lotto numbers.

Final Thoughts

So if real what would Rick Vaughn bring to Major League Baseball? He would bring lots and lots of publicity. The MLB lacks the star power of the 90’s and Vaughn would be the perfect guy to push the barriers of baseball super stardom and bring baseball the mass appeal it so desperately deserves at this present moment. Vaughn would have a long Major League Career he would be up and down but this guy would be a front line starter and the person you want to give the ball to with the game on the line. Fans would love him, media would embrace him and baseball would benefit from him……If only John Rocker had panned out.

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