Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Farewell Tracy Mcgrady

After many highlights and failures 7 time all-star Tracy Mcgrady has announced his retirement from the game of basketball. Mcgrady’s career for as great as it was remains equally disappointing. A lot of “What Ifs” are going to be asked when speaking about his legacy in basketball but Tracy Mcgrady possessed great talent and was arguably the best player in the league at one point. I was going to write a long post just like the Allen Iverson one earlier in the week but I don’t think that’s needed here, just enjoy the video up top. The video up top illustrates his career pretty well.

  • 18,381 Points
  • 2-time scoring champion
  • 7 time All-Star
  • 2000-2001 Most Improved Player

Congratulations to Tracy Mcgrady on a fantastic career!


  1. Always had hope for T-Mac... and every time I was confident he turned the corner, he'd get injured. Shame he'll be remembered by some fans for his injuries instead of his accomplishments.

  2. I was a huge T-Mac fan, loved the way he attacked the basket and how he was never afraid to shoot. I was hoping he would have got his ring this season with the Spurs. T-Mac won't be forgotten for all the things he accomplished his career is just fine with me.


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