Friday, August 16, 2013

Kyle Korver Is The Most Overlooked Player In The NBA

When people talk about the best shooters in the game, names like Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, and Kobe Bryant are bound to come up. One name that rarely ever gets mentioned, however, is that of Atlanta Hawks forward Kyle Korver.

Korver has long been one of the best sharpshooters in the league, but it seems that he is never really recognized for his efforts, and I really couldn't tell you why. He holds the single season record for three-point field goal percentage with .536 in 2009-2010 with the Utah Jazz. To put that in perspective, that's a better number than what Dwyane Wade posted from the field this past season.

It's not like he was a one-hit wonder, either, as he has continued to impressive from beyond the arc; shooting nearly 46% from deep this past season. His 3-point percentage isn't the only impressive stat about him, as his True Shooting Percentage (which takes 2-point field goals, 3-point field goals, and free throws into account) put him right on par with LeBron James this year, and his Effective Field Goal Percentage (which takes into account that a 3-point field goal is worth more than a 2-point field goal), put him at 5th in the entire league, and he was one of only 3 non-big men that were in the top 20.

If we continue on looking at Effective Field Goal Percentage, he is actually one of the best of all-time. He is currently at 19th on the list (#5 active player), and will likely continue to see his ranking rise as he continues his terrific shooting.

He does differ from other 3-point marksmen, in the fact that he does play a little bit of defense. He doesn't have the quickness or athleticism to hang with some of the faster players in the league, but he is capable of staying in front of his man and not being a turnstile that you see with guys like Steve Novak of the Toronto Raptors. His role in the NBA is to shoot, but the fact that he plays a some defense is just an added bonus, and one that makes him even more valuable to the Hawks.

Another added facet of Korver's game that goes overlooked is his ability to rebound. This past season in Atlanta, he averaged 4 rebounds per game, which put him equal to Jimmy Butler. He's 6'7, but doesn't really have the leaping ability to pull down rebounds that many others can. He still finds a way to help out his team on the glass, though, and just has a great nose for the ball on the boards.

On top of all of these on-court accomplishments, he's also one of the best guys in the league off of the court. If you are a fan of him on Facebook, you see that he is constantly building ramps for those that are handicapped and can't use stairs, and he is always supporting charities in various ways.

It's great to see an athlete that uses his status to promote good in the world, and Korver is clearly someone who does.

His contributions on and off of the court should make him one of the more recognizable players in the league, and hopefully everyone begins to look at Kyle Korver in the same light that I do.

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