Thursday, August 8, 2013

Bryce Harper Needs To Shut Up And Play Baseball

We are hitting the home stretch in the MLB and teams are fighting for their post season lives at this point and one of those teams happens to be the Washington Nationals. Not to long ago Bryce Harper said that the NL East race isn't over and the Braves better watch out. Now I am not one to hate on a man's confidence but if you make a statement like that as a leader of the team you better make sure you back it up when the games really count.

Fast forward to this past series they just had with the 1st place division rival Braves and you will see that all Harper did was run his mouth because he certainly didn't produce at a high enough level for the Nationals to even pick up at least 1 win. He hit 3-10 which is good but Bryce can't be just good at this point in the year he needs to be great because this team has grossly underachieved after a great season last year and isn't even winning 50% of its games. There were times when he had a chance to come up with some big base hits that could have one games for the Nats in this past series and came up empty striking out. That can't happen at least put the ball in play.

We all know Harper and the Nats are a talented collection of players but whats talent without production. Harper is putting up solid numbers hitting 271. with 17 home runs and 38 RBI's but its crunch time for the Nats and Bryce must show why he is big time. The NL East seems to be all but over with the Nationals in 2nd place standing at 15.5 games behind the Braves for 1st place. Now the Nationals are only 9 games out of the wild card but they need to start playing consistent baseball. In other words its time for Bryce Harper to shut his mouth and just play baseball at a high level like we know he can.

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