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AFC South Review: Week 2

Unlike Week 1, Week 2 wasn't as good for the AFC South; teams went 1-3. The Indianapolis Colts collapsed and lost to the Dolphins, the Houston Texans beat their divison foe, the Tenneesee Titans, in an OT thriller and guess what? The Jaguars lost to the Raiders (shocking, I know). Even though the AFC South's record for Week 2 was undesirable, they had some highlights.

Indianapolis Colts vs Miami Dolphins

The Colts were the favorites in this one but got upset by Ryan Tannehill's resurgent new Dolphins team, who is now 2-0. Andrew Luck has a knack for winning close games but that was not the case in this one as the Dolphins beat the Colts, 24-20.

The Good: The Colts offence looked great at times and still under performed in the 24-20 loss to the Dolphins. Luck did pass for a lot of yards but that didn't put as many points on the board as they would've liked. Even though they lost, the Colts did more good things in this game than bad.
  • Andrew Luck did rack up 321 yards passing on the day and 38 rushing yards on 4 touches, replicating his Week 1 performance on the ground
  • T.Y. Hilton eclipsed the 100-yard mark for the first time on the season, with a 6 catch, 124 yards receiving performance
  • Ahmad Bradshaw was solid on the ground, with 65-yards rushing on 15 carries, including a rushing TD
  • Coby Fleener showed how Andrew Luck and him could be in the foreseeable future, catching 4 passes for 69 yards rushing and a TD reception
  • The Colts defence played well in Week 2 (however well you can play with surrendering 24 points), with Jerrell Freeman and the Colts veteran Robert Mathis being the best performers with 8 tackles (6 solo, 2 assist), 2 sacks and a forced fumble for Freeman and 5 tackles, 2 sacks and a forced fumble for Mathis; nearly identical 
  • Colts offseason acquisition, LaRon Landry, had a good game with 11 tackles (6 solo, 5 assist) 
  • The Colts had a better 3rd-down conversion rate (46-42) and had more first downs (23-21), yet still lost
The Bad: If it weren't for a costly fumble at the wrong time, the Colts would've likely came back and won this game. The Colts could've played better but they played good enough to hang in the game, for a chance to win.
  • Andrew Luck only threw 1 TD pass, with 2 turnovers, an Interception and a Fumble (unfortunately, that fumble was with under 2 minutes left in the game, with the Colts gaining momentum and it felt like they were going to score, until the fumble of course)
  • The defence gave up 24 points, with Mike Wallace torching them for 115-yards receiving on 9 catches and a TD reception and surprisingly, Dolphins TE Charles Clay who caught 5 passes for 109 yards, including a 67-yard reception (he also rushed for a TD that day)
Yeah... I couldn't find anything else the Colts did bad...

Houston Texans vs Tennessee Titans/Tennessee Titans @ Houston Texans

The Houston Texans were the favourites in their week 2 matchup against their division rival, the Titans, and deservedly so as they're, well the Texans and the Titans are the Titans. This game went down to the wire as the Titans made a 4th quarter comeback and forced the game into overtime, where DeAndre Hopkins recorded his 1st career TD reception in his NFL career, propelling Houston to the victory.

Houston Texans:

The Good: The Houston Texans offence looked amazing as they picked apart the Titans defence, burning them for 470-yards of total offence on the day. 
  • Matt Schaub showed traces of his amazing 2009 season, with a 298-yard passing performance with 3 TD passes. He spread the ball out a lot too, completing passes with 3 of his WRs, 2 of his TEs and 2 of his RBs. 
  • The Texans ground game was on point with them totalling 172 yards rushing on 28 carries with 1 rushing TD, for a 6.1 YPC average (Ben Tate: 9 rushes, 93 yards, including a 60-yard run; Arian Foster: 19 rushes, 79 yards and a rushing TD)
  • DeAndre Hopkins had the game of his short career, catching 7 passes for 117-yards receiving and the game-winning TD in overtime, which was his first career TD too.
  • Andre Johnson didn't play to his full potential but still caught 8 passes for 76-yards receiving
  • Both the Texans Tight Ends, Garrett Graham and Owen Daniels, caught a TD reception each
  • Texans Star LB Brian Cushing had a great performance, tackling the opposing teams players 11 times (10 solo, 1 assist) and on top of that, he sacked Jake Locker 1.5 times.
  • J.J. Watt is no slacker either, sacking Jake Locker 2 times with 5 tackles as well
  • Jonathan Joseph had a solid game as well, getting 6 tackles while providing stout defence
The Bad: The Texans made this game harder than it could've been as the Titans almost beat them as fortunately for Houston, they won in OT.
  • To go with those 3 TD passes, Matt Schaub threw 2 picks
  • Arian Foster could've definitely played better, as he only had 79 yards on 19 carries, making that a 4.2 YPC average
  • Randy Bullock missed all 3 field goals he kicked in the game (more like 6), including the game winner (I'm not as harsh on him missing the game winner because it was his 4th attempt at it, his leg must've been tired)
  • The Titans scored 24 points on a usually great Texans defence 
  • Andre Johnson exited the game with an injury
Tennessee Titans:

The Good: Surprisingly enough, the Titans played a good game with not too many mistakes.
  • Jake Locker actually threw 2 TD passes with no Interceptions...
  • Chris Johnson rushed for 96 yards
  • Kendall Wright looked amazing out there, catching 7 passes for 54 yards and a TD reception (I hold Wright in huge regards and with a better QB, Kendall Wright has the potential to be one of the best receivers in the NFL)
  • Zach Brown had another stellar performance, getting 12 tackles (11 solo, 1 assist)
  • Bernard Pollard continued to prove that he is becoming one of the best safeties in the game, with a 9 tackle (8 solo, 1 assist) and INT performance
  • Alterraun Verner is one of the best up-and-coming corners in the NFL and his performance on Sunday only solidified that argument, as he totalled 6 tackles (5 solo, 1 assist) and a pick six as well
The Bad: For whatever good thing the Titans did in their Week 2 matchup, their was one bad thing. 
  • The Titans ground game was putrid on Sunday, rushing for 119 yards on 33 carries for a 3.6 YPC average, including CJ taking 25 touches to gain 96 yards rushing
  • Jake Locker only threw for 148-yards with a 56.7 completion percentage
  • The Titans defence was picked apart, as the Texans torched them for 470 yards of total offence. 
Jacksonville Jaguars @ Oakland Raiders

Once again, the Jaguars lost. That's about it.

Getting back to a more serious note, the Jaguars got man-handled by the Raiders who ran over them and dominated throughout the game, winning 19-9. 

The Good: It wasn't as bad as Week 1, as there were some highlights for the Jags in this game.
  • Chad Henne passed for 241 yards and a TD pass, which is certainly better than what Blaine Gabbert would've given you.
  • Cecil Shorts evidently always plays better with Henne in as QB, as he caught 8 passes for 93-yards receiving. (Cecil Shorts is a really good receiver, just imagine him with a great QB)
  • TE Clay Harbour caught his first TD reception of the year
  • Rookie safety looked impressive in Week 2, getting 8 tackles (7 solo, 1 assist) along with a Forced Fumble. 
  • Jaguars MLB Paul Posluszny sacked Terrelle Pryor once and totalled 9 tackles on the day (4 solo, 5 assist)
The Bad: Almost everything...
  • The Jaguars ground game produced 34 rushing yards on 19 carries... for a 1.8 YPC average... 
  • The Jaguars defence gave up 228 rushing yards on 34 carries... for a 6.7 YPC average.... (you know you suck when the opposing team rushes the ball as many times as how many yards you have (unless the play caller for a team is the exact opposite of Andy Reid, except 10x worse) ...
I'm not going to elaborate on anything more because there'e still too much to write about, even with an "improved" Jaguars team from the previous week. But seriously, the Jaguars just looked flat out disinterested out there. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome the worst team in the 2013-14 season.

Recap of the Standings for the AFC South after Week1:

Next week match-ups:

Colts @ 49ers
Texans @ Ravens
Titans vs Chargers
Jaguars @ Seahawks 

Week 2 was an average weak for the AFC South as they finished 2-2. I predicted Week 2's standings (scroll to the bottom) and you can check them out if you want to know if I was correct or not. For this week, I predict the standings will look like this at the end of Week 3: 

Texans: 3-0
Colts: 1-2
Titans: 1-2
Jaguars: 0-3...

Excluding the Jaguars and Seahawks game, Week 3 consists of tight-knit games that will go down to the wire. Definitely games worth watching.

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