Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Importance of the Randy Orton-Daniel Bryan Feud

My name Yafisz Khan, I'm new here, but I'm not new to blogging. I post daily on my own blog, 2BINProductions, and I would like to thank Harvin for getting Brendan to contact Knight12ify and giving me this opportunity. Now, on to business, my posts here will be about the WWE, so what better way to start than to start big?

Ever since Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's latest final run in the WWE, we've been presented to storylines of a caliber not seen in years which highlight the WWE Championship. Some could argue that WWE Is not what it was during the days of the Ruthless Aggression Era, but I'm here to argue that they have finally hit that point again. The Rock's return was a three WrestleMania deal with John Cena, the first of which was to ignite the feud, the second of which was to highlight the feud and the third of which was to be a focal point on the greatest prize in the WWE, it's self-titled championship. Prior to early 2013, many people complained about the lack of prestige on the WWE Title. Then came CM Punk's great title reign, which managed to show the credibility of the championship, and with the Rock's capture, restore the missing prestige.

 Now, John Cena's last title reign was one of his longest in years, a good sendoff to the next champion, Daniel Bryan, who seemingly had hard work ahead of him to match the caliber of the previous three champions. Nope, in cashes Randy Orton and a feud between the two is sparked on who should be the face of the WWE. The feud did not start here, though, it actually started following the capture of the WWE Tag Titles by the Shield from Team Hell No. Randy Orton got involved with Daniel Bryan and the two attempted to defeat the Shield in a losing effort. Signs of friction between the two started here as when Daniel Bryan defeated Orton, it showed just how low he had stooped since losing the World Title to Mark Henry.

Hence, Orton winning the WWE Title epitomized the fact that he would do anything to be at the top again, even rejoin with Triple H, oh, I'm sorry COO Paul Levesque. The importance of this feud is the fact that Orton has not been credible for nearly two years and Bryan has not ever been involved in the main event. The fact that CM Punk is low card for now (that won't last long) and that Cena is injured (even less) means that these two can become the Austin and Rock of 2013 and essentially leave the top dog space open for grabs.

Now, I'm not a fan of Daniel Bryan, and I believe there are plenty of others who deserve this storyline more than him. However, I do believe that he is the only one who could make this storyline as interesting as it is, considering the fact that only he can captivate a crowd so much that it can turn against once fan-favorite Randy Orton. This is what I think of Daniel Bryan:

I have to give props to the WWE again, this feud is to erase that image out of the heads of everybody and make him credible to all. This feud is essentially to bring the WWE back to the point they were at when Brock Lesnar left, when the Rock left and when Stone Cold left. This feud is essentially a reboot like Days of Future Past, to retain the old while ushering in the new. This feud is important because of how big it needs to be in comparison to what came before it. This feud will set up WrestleMania 30 to be an event about legacies, and following it will all be about the new. I think my next post has just been hinted at.

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