Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Brad Maddox Must Be Featured More

A short interval post before my next one, which will continue the Randy Orton-Bryan feud, but I wanted to talk about Brad Maddox. The guy is very skilled as a wrestler, which is why I was initially surprised to see him as a referee. As times have changed (like Bret Hart), AJ Lee has been deposed...
Is that a door in his glasses?

... and Brad Maddox selected. He's the General Manager of Raw and while I get that Triple H should rightfully be making decisions about the WWE Championship, everything else should be Brad. Instead, he's the guy that tells Stephanie what is happening. The opening segment at Night of Champions between Triple H and Paul Heyman would have been better if it was Brad Maddox and Heyman. Given the history between the two, it would have just been better and HHH would not have had to go face for a while.

Also, for making matches at PPVs, it should be Brad Maddox and as the authority figure of Raw, he should get more screen time. Whether it is simply talking backstage to certain superstars about their actions (Rybotch) or telling the Usos they can compete for a shot at the WWE Title, much like the aforementioned championship, Maddox's absence has cost the GM Spot it's prestige.

What if he did get cast as Batman?

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