Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Reign of Terror - Raw


The Game taunts the WWE Universe. (WWE.com)
We kick off the end of a long Labor Day weekend with this weeks edition of Monday Night Raw. Triple H has inserted himself deep into the Randy Orton/Daniel Bryan feud as we find him in the ring to open the show. Granted, this feud doesn't carry as much weight without The Game, but I also feel that he is there for a mainstream face while John Cena is out. Given the pop that Bryan receives when he makes an appearance, he could quite possibly carry the main event of this company if he is used correctly. Night of Champions is two weeks away and it looks set that Bryan will get his rematch against Orton for the WWE Championship. Whether there are any shenanigan stipulations to be added, remains to be seen. Hunter adds that tonight's main event will be Big Show vs. Bryan. If you missed last weeks episode, Show was visibly upset when Bryan was gang busted by The Shield and Orton, and is now pitted against him. 

Show expresses to Raw GM Brad Maddox that he refuses to take part in his match against Bryan. Stephanie McMahon makes an appearance to remind Show that is is his contractual obligation to compete in any match that he is scheduled for. Show tears up a few computers and tables to show his appreciation for the predicament he has been placed in.

Feud Rating: 4 out of 5 Cans of Krylon - The progression of the feud is developing at a rapid pace and given the fact that other superstars are starting to turn sour on Triple H, this could become very interesting come Survivor Series. 

Side note: Cody Rhodes is put into a match against Orton, with Rhodes apparently having his career on the line. An apparent abuse of power on Triple H's part. Rhodes would ultimately lose the match up and be fired. Curious as to why this came about so quickly after he was engulfed in a big feud with Sandow. Imagine it has to be lengthy injury recovery time, or he cashed in his honeymoon card for his upcoming marriage. Regardless, don't expect this is the end of Rhodes. 

CM Punk had been enamored by the mistrust and betrayal from Paul Heyman over the past month and a half, and once again this debacle took center stage on Monday night. They've announced an elimination handicap match for NOC that pits Curtis Axel and Heyman against Punk. The fact that Punk will legally have the chance the put his hands on Heyman will be a sight to behold. 

Feud Rating: 3 out of 5 Low Blows - I stated last week that I wasn't a fan of Axel, and still am not. this is progressively just looking like a feud, to give Punk, "something to do."

Ziggler battles Ryback in a one on one match. (WWE.com)
Dolph Ziggler is a rising star in this business and seems to have fallen off since his World Heavyweight Championship run. I have the feeling that McMahon just doesn't have much trust in the former Spirit Squad member to carry a top title in this company. His most recent reign was too short and rather uneventful. Ziggler was ambushed by Dean Ambrose and then promptly placed in a match with Ryback after Dolph already appeared down and out. Ziggler seems to be under punishment since he has shown that he disapproves of the way Triple H is handling business. If I had to venture a guess, we could see a Show/Ziggler/Miz vs. The Shield match at Night of Champions. 

Tonight, the feuds showed progression, but nothing major took place. What the company has done is keep continual interest in the product. The mixture of new and old superstars continues to indulge the audience.  

Other Tidbits:

Miz and Fandango are intertwined in a feud that seems to have no direction whatsoever. 

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 looks amazing. 

Hall of Famer Edge will make an appearance next week on Raw. 

I'll go on record to admit that I slightly miss "Heel" Michael Cole. 

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