Sunday, September 1, 2013

The NFL's Best 5 Young QB's Now

Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin lll, Cam Newton, Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepnerick, how do you rank them? Leave it in the comments section on what you think is the order of these young studs now.

Current Rank:

1. Robert Griffin lll
  • RGlll as people like to call him, is an exceptional dual-threat QB, coming off of stellar rookie year in which he won NFC Offensive Rookie of the Year over Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson, by throwing for 3,200 with a 20-5 TD-INT ratio, along with a 65.6 passing completion percentage and 102.4 passer rating. To go along with those outstanding passing numbers for a rookie, he rushed for 815 yards and 7 TD's with a 6.8 YPC average. All those numbers in 15 games, leading Washington to a 10-6 record, which meant playoffs. Griffin has all the makings of a franchise QB in the NFL and time will only tell. At this point, RGlll is the best QB among these 5. 

2. Cam Newton
  • Some people may find me placing Cam Newton ahead of Andrew Luck, at this moment in their careers, absurd but I assure you, once I am done explaining, it may change your opinion on this matter. Cam Newton is better than y'all think and he does all that with a horrible O-Line and not much help on offence, other than Steve Smith, who is not getting any younger. Plus the neither Running Back, DeAngelo Williams or Jonathon Stewart get enough carries to make a serious impact. Through his first two seasons in the NFL, Newton has averaged 3960 yards passing, including passing for 4051 in the 2011-12 season, setting the rookie record, 20 passing TD's, 14.5 Interceptions with a 58.9 completion percentage and a 85.3 passer rating. On the ground, he has averaged 723.5 yards rushing, 11 rushing TD's, including 14 in his first season alone, on 5.7 YPC, through his 1st 2 NFL seasons. And the thing is, he's only improving and the Panthers as a team as well. Cam Newton led the Panthers to a 6-10 record in his rookie year and a 7-9 in his sophomore campaign. Now that may not be much of an improvement but the the record bettering, shows strides in him becoming an even better leader and decision maker. That is why Cam Newton is ranked above Andrew Luck, as of now. 

3. Andrew Luck
  • Luck was certainly on Luck's side (no pun intended) in his rookie campaign, leading the Colts to an improbable, 7 come-from-behind victories en route to a playoff appearance with a 10-6 record. Andrew Luck did set the rookie record for passing yards with 4,374, however on a putrid 54.1 completion percentage and a pedestrian 76.5 passer rating. He did however throw for 23 TD passes, but unfortunately with 18 Interceptions. Luck wasn't bad on the ground either, he rushed for 255 yards on 4.1 YPC and 5 Rushing TD's. For however many good things Andrew Luck did, he did an equal amount of bad. With the success and numbers, Luck finished 2nd in NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year voting, to the aforementioned RGlll. Luck also had a way better O-Line compared to Cam Newton and a better defence as well. The Panthers defense is improving but let's face it, it was average both the season's Newton's been in the NFL and the Colts has been above-average. All this information only proves that at this moment, Luck is not better than Cam Newton.

4. Russell Wilson
  • The 5'11, 3rd round draftee is the lowest QB drafted from all these 5, performed like an underdog in his rookie year, finishing 3rd in the NFL Rookie of the Year voting behind Luck and RGlll. However, he did get the most passing TD's with 26 in his rookie season, ahead of Luck's 23 and RGlll's 20. To round out his stat line, Wilson passed for 3,118 yards with 10 Interceptions, on a 64.1 completion percentage and 100.0 passer rating. He also contributed 489 rushing yards and 4 rushing TD's on a 5.9 YPC average. Leading his team to a 11-5 record, Russell Wilson showed leadership of a veteran in his rookie season. Albeit, he did play on a great team, the Seahawks, but they wouldn't of gotten as far without him. All that and he wasn't even given the starting job at first. He had to work hard and win it. Taking all the above considered, Russell Wilson is the 4th best QB on this list. 

5. Colin Kaepernick
  • A 6'5, 2nd round pick of the 49ers out of Nevada, Kaepnerick, like Russell Wilson, wasn't handed his starting job on a platter like the first three on this list. He got the start in week 12 when Alex Smith went down and didn't look back. In all the 8 starts he's had in his career (playoff included), he has compiled a 6-2 record, including a Super Bowl trip where the 49ers lost to the Baltimore Ravens. If you make those 8 game numbers into a full 16 game NFL season, his stats translate to 3,472 yards passing and 24 passing TD's on a 62.1 completion percentage and amassing 838 yards on the ground with an amazing 10 rushing TD's. As you look at these numbers, you think, "Well shouldn't he be higher then?". The only thing holding Kaepnerick from being higher on this list is that he's only started 8 games and we don't know how he'll be over a whole regular season. We haven't seen enough of Colin Kaepernick to justify him being higher on this list. At this point in his career, he's the 5th best QB out of all these future superstars.


  1. Believe it or not, I had them in exactly the same order as you. But I think that order will change as they grow up, and soon!


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