Sunday, September 22, 2013

How to Fix the New Jersey Devils Goaltending Situation

In the 2013 NHL Draft, the New Jersey Devils shocked everybody when they traded their 9th overall pick to the Vancouver Canucks for Goalie Cory Schneider, when they already had 41-year old Martin Brodeur, who still has something left in the tank. It was obvious why the Devils made the trade as Brodeur's career is winding down and they needed a predecessor for him. The one thing that's rather discombobulating is that the goalie situation for the current 2013-14 season is a conundrum. To add even more confusion to the mix, the Devils announced that Martin Brodeur will be starting the first game of the regular season. Cory Schneider got traded from one crowded Goalie depth chart, to another.

Fortunately, I have a solution is this problem. Normally, a starting goaltender in the NHL has around 60+ starts in a season but since both the goalies can't start 60+ games each, around 40 games sounds better. Since there are 82 games in an NHL season, Martin Brodeur would start 41 and Cory Schneider. would start the other 41. The Devils are likely to make the playoffs and this will only help how far they go, if both goalies aren't exhausted from the regular season and are rather fresh compared to other starting goaltenders in the NHL. Every game started would depend on how good the goalie is against the team or certain players and back-to-backs as well. Since the Devils have more back-to-backs on their schedule this season than normal, Brodeur would start one of the games and Schneider, the other. Steve Yzerman is doing this in Tampa Bay as well for the Lightning. He said that Ben Bishop and Andres Lindback will split goaltending duties, starting around 40 games each. If either Martin Brodeur or Cory Schneider distinguish themselves as the clear-cut #1 starting goaltender, then they get the job until further notice. 

Martin Brodeur may end up hanging the skates after this season, so just one more season of splitting the duties in net would be worth it for Cory Schneider because after this season, he would be the sure-fire #1 Goaltender in New Jersey and he can continue on the Devils legacy of having amazing goaltending since 1993.

Comment on what you think could be the solution for the New Jersey Devils goaltending situation.

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