Thursday, September 19, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Jackie Robinson Wins Rookie Of The Year

Its been a good minute since I did a Throwback Thursday article but I feel like right now is the right time for some apparent reason. On this edition of throwback Thursday we take a look back of something that happened on this day-September 19th .

September 19th 1947 was the combination of history not only in sports but of humanity as Jackie Robinson was awarded rookie of the year for the 1947 season. As we all know Jackie Robinson broke the baseball color barrier by becoming the first black Major League Baseball player in the history of the game. Throughout the whole entire year he faced more adversity than anybody in the sport. He couldn't eat in the same restaurants, use the same bathrooms or even stay in the same hotels with his white counter parts.

He was ridiculed and hated on in almost practically every stadium in Major League Baseball and what did he do? He hits 297.,leads the league in stolen bases and sacrifice hits to earn Rookie of the year honors and finish top 5 in MVP voting. Consider all that with all that he went threw that season and its even more remarkable.

As someone who loves sports I think its incredibly important that we recognize guys like Jackie Robinson on a more consistent basis for paving the way for some of our favorite athletes of all-time. Athletes such as Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Bo Jackson,Robert Griffin III and many more. He is a huge reason why we advanced as a society and its a beautiful thing that should never be forgotten.


  1. 1956 Topps Jackie Robinson = My Favorite Baseball Card Of All-Time

    1. I have a bunch of reprints of that card but I pretend that its the real one lol.


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