Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cornell Cancels Its Fall Lacrosse Season

After appearing in the semifinals of last year's NCAA Tournament, Cornell has decided to cancel their entire fall lacrosse season due to a hazing incident within the team. 

School officials confirmed that freshman players were constantly hazed by upperclassmen, expected to perform small task that ended up going way too far. Some reports say that freshman were forced to compete against each other in beer-drinking contest called "Keg Racing", where the freshman were tied together with a string and forced to chug alcoholic beverages until "multiple members vomited".

The players involved will participate in an anti-hazing educational program & the ones negatively affected by these actions will be provided support.

This isn't the first time hazing has been an issue at Cornell. Back in 2011, a sophomore was found dead in a fraternity house, & just last year, two individuals were rushed to the emergency room after a hazing incident occurred at an initiation event.

Cornell is one of the more prestigious lacrosse programs in the nation, as the Ivy League school has won 27 conference championships & 3 national titles (their last coming in 1977). Their most recent NCAA National Championship appearance was back in 2009, when they were defeated 10-9 in overtime by Syracuse. Last season, Cornell went 14-4, ending their season with a loss to Duke (the eventual NCAA champions) in the semifinals.

The cancellation of Cornell's fall season will not be as bad as you think, as lacrosse is a spring sport. Although by canceling their entire fall season, Cornell will not participate in any out-of-school lacrosse activities (meaning they won't play other schools in the fall). However, they will still hold team practices, workouts, & still be able to hold activities within the team.

In my opinion, this entire situation makes me sick, & on top of that, the punishment for these actions is nothing more than a slap on the wrist for Cornell. I would've liked to see a little more done to discipline the program & its players, like suspensions or loss of scholarships. However with the actions carried out to discipline the players involved, sadly, I wouldn't be surprised if this continues to be a problem at Cornell.

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