Monday, September 23, 2013

Dolphins Earn Statment Victory Over Falcons

It's been a long time since the Miami Dolphins were 3-0 to start a season but after Sunday's 23-27 victory over the Falcons that’s exactly where they stand. With victories over the Browns,Colts and now Falcons the Dolphins have put the football world on notice that they are in fact the real deal. The game could have easily went the other way but Miami played disciplined, calm football and weathered the storm early from the Atlanta offense.

Tannehill Displays Poise

Through the first 2 games of his sophomore campaign Ryan Tannehill has brought poise and a sense of calm towards the Dolphins offense. Sunday vs Atlanta he collected 236 yards and 2 touchdowns.NFL Media personality's always overlook him because of the flash and flare of fellow rookie classmates Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III but at the end of week 3 he has more wins then both of them.

Tannehill in Sundays game vs Atlanta saw his team trailing 10-0 early on. Now most 2nd year quarterbacks against a team like the Falcons would get rattled down, early in a game and probably think themselves to death on how they will keep up with Matt Ryan's offense but Tannehill took it one play at a time and cut the lead down to 3 at the half.

Where he really displayed his true colors was late in the 4th quarter with 4:08 left on the clock and the game in the balance down by 3 he led the Dolphins 75 yards down the field for the game winning touchdown. He was calm under center and patient with his at the line adjustments and he made the right decisions when it counted most. If the critics had any doubts about the former Texas A&M Aggie then they need to let those doubts go because in the last 2 games he has wins vs Andrew Luck and Matt Ryan.

Money In The Red zone

If people ask how the Dolphins scored a huge victory over the Falcons its very simple just look at the red zone stats for Sundays game. In the red zone the Falcons were only 2-5 as the Dolphins were a perfect 3-3. Dolphins lost the battle in time of possession but maximized every opportunity they had in the red zone which is the mark of any good football team.

Dolphins head to New Orleans next week to take on Saints.  

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