Monday, September 2, 2013

Darrelle Revis vs Richard Sherman: Who's Better?

Recently, on Twitter, the two of the league's best Cornerbacks had a memorable twitter beef. It went like this:

A seemingly harmless question from @rpchudgar during a Q&A that @RSherman_25 was doing for his fans, sparked this argument from the two cornerbacks.

Point: Darrelle Revis

In the 2012-13 NFL Playoff game, the Seahawks vs the Falcons, Roddy White got 5 reecptions for 76 yards, including a 47-yard TD reception, with (drum roll please) Sherman covering him. That is what Revis is referring to. 

Point: Richard Sherman

During the time Revis tweeted those 4 tweets, Sherman was on a flight. After getting off of it, he responded:

Point: Richard Sherman

To top it off...

As you can see, Richard Sherman clearly won this argument, with Darrelle Revis' dismissiveness and Sherman's finish. Remind me not to get into an argument with Richard Sherman... ever.

But, is he going to win the debate between him between the best Cornerback in the NFL?

Darrelle Revis or Richard Sherman? Who is the better shutdown corner? This is a newly introduced topic from the 2012-13 NFL season that has sparked numerous debates. Who do I think is better? I will be giving a breakdown and comparison of each player to finally figure out who is better. Is it Revis? Sherman? Here it goes. 

Let's start off with the 4-year veteran in Darrelle Revis, famous for the Revis Island term.
Since his astounding 2009 season where he picked off 6 passes along with 31 passes defended and 47 total tackles which made his player value a staggering 22, he has been considered the best Cornerback in the NFL and for good reason too. His stats have gone down but that's only because team's are afraid to throw his way. With his targets going down, Revis has become very opportunistic when the pigskin is thrown his way, including a 100-yard Interception for a TD, tying the NFL record.

Revis is so good that he contained the 08' Randy Moss to 2 receptions for 22 yards.

Unfortunately, Darrelle Revis suffered an ACL tear to his left knee in the 2012 season and we don't know if he'll ever be the same. However, it is Darrelle Revis so you got to give him the benefit of the doubt. 

Now onto Richard Sherman. The 6'3 Sherman came into this league in 2011, drafted by the Seahawks with the 54th pick of the 5th round, with something to prove. He destroyed all expectations in his first season and his 2012 campaign was only better.

In 2012, Sherman picked off 8 passes, including one for the score, 24 passes defended, 3 Forced Fumbles, 1 Sack and 53 total tackles making his season player value at 18, just a tick below Revis'.

Finally, comparing these two stars. Darrelle Revis and Richard Sherman's best seasons to date were somewhat similar and almost as equally dominant. In 2009, teams just completed 36.9% of their passes thrown to whoever Revis was covering and a 32.3 passer rating. Revis' 2009 could be the best season of all-time for a corner. Sherman's 2012 season saw him holding teams to a completion percentage of 41.7% and a 41.1 passer rating. Richard Sherman did have more picks than Darrelle Revis, 8-6 in the cornerbacks best season's. The whole thing about Revis not getting thrown to as much may be true but compared to Sherman, team's throw the ball to them almost the same. In Sherman's 2012 season, he was only targeted 2 more times compared to Revis' 2011 campaign and had double the picks, 8-4. Richard Sherman may have better ball skills than Darrelle Revis but the thing going for Revis is that he doesn't go for the INT as much as Sherman and looks to swot down the ball much more, unlike him. Every season, other than his rookie and sophomore years, Revis has had a slightly less better season than Richard Sherman's 2012, with the unfathomable 2009 season being the only one better. Sherman was a better rookie and sophomore than Revis and is on a fast track to become the best corner in the NFL. 

However, that exclusive title belongs to the owner of Revis Island himself, Darrelle Revis. Richard Sherman will have the title of being the best in a couple seasons but at this moment, Darrelle Revis is sitting high in the sky.


  1. Great article.

    I think I'd take Sherman, just because of how physical he is with opposing wide receivers. It's really a toss-up, though, and I can easily see how someone would take Revis.

    1. In terms of physicallity its Sherman all day but pure coverager and ball skills I have to give it to Revis.


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