Saturday, September 28, 2013

NHL Disciplinary System

This past week there's two separate incidence that raised some eyebrows about the NHL Disciplinary System. I'm talking about the brawl between the Toronto Maple Leafs and Buffalo Sabres and the game between the Vancouver Canucks and the Edmonton Oilers.

Star player of the Leafs #81 Phil Kessel used his stick as a weapon and intentionally double slashed John Scott of the Sabres. Result? a 3 game preseason suspension.

Zack Kassian #9 of the Vancouver Canucks recklessly swung his stick and accidentally hit Sam Gagner of the Edmonton Oilers in the face that resulted into a broken jaw. Gagner will miss 2 months because of this incidence according to the Oilers. 

Huge loss for Edmonton obviously because they're already missing their #1 centre in Ryan Nugent-Hopkins.

Zack Kassian on the other hand will be suspended for a total of 8 games. 3 preseason games plus 5 regular season games. 

Duncan Keith #2 of the Chicago Blackhawks with the elbow to the head of #22 of the Vancouver Canucks Daniel Sedin. A dirty hit. No question. There's a lot of history between these two teams. There's a lot of bad blood. These 2 teams just don't like each other.

Sedin ended up missing the rest of the regular season with a concussion. Duncan Keith on the other hand only got 5 games for the hit.

Duncan Keith #2 of the Chicago Blackhawks with a one hand slash to the face of #77 of the LA Kings Jeff Carter. To me this is a more dangerous hit than the Phil Kessel one. But Keith for some reason only got 1 game for the hit. Keep in mind that Keith is also a repeat offender.  

As you can see there's no consistency at all with these suspensions. 

An open ice elbow to the head hit has only resulted into a 5 game suspension. A slash to the face has only resulted into a 1 game suspension by a repeat offender. And a reckless(not intentional) high stick has resulted into an 8 game suspension. It doesn't make sense.

As a fan i'm confused because i don't know what's a suspendable play anymore. And i'm sure the players feel the same way.

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