Thursday, September 26, 2013

Charlotte Bobcats 2013-2014 Season Preview

Lets face it, the Charlotte Bobcats have been the laughing stock of the NBA in past years. Well Charlotte fans people do have the right to critique your favorite team in such a way because anyone with a 28-120 record in a 2 year period is worthy of that tag.

But with constant failure comes  a search for successs and the Bobcats have been looking for a man they can trust to be a big force for this team. Lets just say the Cats found their man this offseason by cashing in on former Utah Jazz big man Al Jefferson. This addition single handedly headlined the Bobcats offseason in 2013.

 Other great acquisitions/storylines this summer included re signing starting small forward Gerald Henderson (highly underrated) to a great contract, hopefully giving 2nd year forward Jeff Taylor a bigger role this year after surprising many this summer, and finding an athletic 7 footer in Cody Zeller that will help on both ends. It can definitely be looked at as a pretty solid offseason for the Cats. But one thing still remains clear after the end of summer: Al Jefferson is still the biggest topic on this team right now.

I honestly cant see this team winning anywhere under 30 games this year. Jefferson and Zeller's great talent at the rebounding end will bolster this team on the boards because they averaged a horrendous 40.3 rebounds a game which put them at 27th in the league.

Though Jefferson isnt the best defender his great abilities to score down low in the post will greatly help his star point guard Kemba Walker's job easier and not to mention as we said before his rebounding abilities (averaged 9.2 rebounds a game and 17.8 points a game last year in Utah) will bolster the teams total rebounding. He is great at every perk on the court besides the defensive aspect, he still is highly succesfull due to his talented rebounding and scoring.

A small rumor went around the web a few days talking about how Kemba Walker felt when he heard Al Jefferson was on the team. When Kemba got the message he instantly replied "I almost shed a tear when I read this". signalling that good things will come for the Walker-Jefferson duo. These two will have good chemistry and connection unlike the last duo expiriment in the NBA which ended with someone leaving for Houston...yes I am talking about Dwight and Kobe.

And dont even get me started on Kemba, he is going to have the best season of his career in 2014 and having Al Jefferson there will make his job all that much easier. He is one of the rising point guards here in the NBA today and a bright future is ahead of him.

As for other news and predictions helping preview this upcoming season for the Cats their is the arrival of new Head Coach Steve Clifford. I speak for all Chalotte fans when I say this, Mike Dunlap was a load of dog crap and did nothing to improve this team, only notably havong a bad relationship with many players including mostly with Ben Gordon. The Cats franchise is hoping Clifford can eb the guy to change the team around and step by step make them into a more and more competitive team.

With the arrival of Jefferson and a fresh new rookie in Cody Zeller (a big man the Cats have been searching for in the draft for years) it is not right to say this team wont improve tremendously this year. This team will be young and talented for the foreseeable future and are destined for a successful run in near time.

No this team wont make the playoffs this year, no they will not have a winning record, but what this team will do this year is show a glimpse of what is ahead for them in the future. Improving in every statistic and greatly improving their record this year will prove to many NBA fans that a successful future lies ahead for the Cats. This year they will take the first step to success with a new Head Coach, hopeful rookie sensation (Cody Zeller), and another star player to benefit Kemba Walker (Al Jefferson), their time is now...and nobody will stop the Bobcats from getting out of the basement of the NBA standings. Change is coming this year, and the Charlotte Bobcats are going to bring it to you. Take notice!

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