Monday, December 2, 2013

A Look Back At Syracuse's 2012 Nike Hyper Elite Platinum Uniforms

These special uniforms made by Nike were only worn one time by the Syracuse Orangemen. On February 22, 2012 Syracuse broke out these nice looking unis against the USF Bulls. So what was so special about these threads? According to Nike, "The Nike Hyper Elite Platinum uniform is designed at the intersection of sustainability and performance. Nike created the uniforms specifically for superior performance and lower environmental impact. The fabric of the Nike Hyper Elite Platinum shorts are made from 100-percent recycled polyester while the jersey fabric is made from at least 96-percent recycled polyester. Both short and jersey are tailored for the optimal efficiency of movement and are five percent lighter than the previous Nike Hyper Elite uniform. Featuring laser-cut bonded logos, a sharp platinum design as well as prominent accent colors, the Nike Hyper Elite Platinum uniforms are sure to shine on the court."

Despite the fact that the uniforms were supposed to provide Syracuse with "superior performance", the USF Bulls jumped out to an 18-5 lead halfway through the first half on that February night in 2012. However, Syracuse stormed back - closing the first half with a 17-0 run and opened the second half on a 6-0 run. Syracuse would go on to win the game 56-48, led by scoring contributions from Scoop Jardine (15 points) and C.J. Fair (13 points).

I love the orange/silver color combination on these unis. I think the two colors blend together perfectly. The orange stripes on the sides of the uniforms and the orange around the collar - as well as the orange outlines on the names and numbers - get a "thumbs up" from me. I also like the logo on the back of the jerseys, as well as the star with the year "03" in it to represent Syracuse's National Championship season. I would have liked to see the Orangemen wear these uniforms a little more, though. I think they are deserving of some more exposure. All in all, a great uniform and a job well done by Nike.

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