Monday, December 2, 2013

How One Small Player Made One BIG Last Hoorah

Be honest; before November 30th, 2013, you had no idea who this guy was.

Chances are, you probably still don't.

How about... now.

Oh yeah, that's Chris Davis! He may not be the Orioles first baseman, but he sure did hit a home run for the ages when he returned Cade Foster's missed field goal 109 yards for a touchdown in one of the most legendary plays in the history of the Iron Bowl. I've seen some cal it the Cal-Stanford of the Alabama-Auburn rivalry, but what the magical return did for me more than anything else is give me my last piece of BCS madness. When the BCS was instated into college football in 1998, every single year there has been a controversy about who deserves to be in the National Championship game and who does not. With this year coming to a close, it seemed a lock that we would see Alabama and Florida State in the 2014 Championship game, but Auburn cornerback/return specialist Chris Davis made sure it wouldn't occur. The Tigers victory over the reigning back-to-back champions has opened up a huge debate about who deserves to end up in Pasadena at the end of the 2014 season. I'll present the options I heard and my opinion on them.

1. Florida State

It sure seems logical that the new number one would be the old number two, and I'm in total support of this idea. The Seminoles have played their hearts out all year and absolutely deserve to be the ranked as the number one team in the nation. Demolishing team after team, Florida State has paved their way to the number one spot.

2. Ohio State

Again following simple logic, it seems reasonable to move the three into the two spot. I've been a big believer that Ohio State has been robbed all year, being over looked by everybody just because of their schedule difficulty. But push aside your detailed statistics for a second, and realize this Buckeye team has won 24-straight games. The last time they lost, people were still doubting Russell Wilson's ability to be an NFL quarterback. This fact alone seems to be enough proof to me that they deserve to be in the picture.

3. Missouri

My favorite team in theory, I think Mizzou actually has a legitimate argument to be put in the championship thought bubble. Finishing first in the SEC East with an 11-1 record, their only loss came in double overtime by a missed 31-yard field goal while their starting quarterback was injured. Barring that they win the SEC Championship against Auburn next week, they could actually have a shot at sneaking in past Ohio State.

4. Auburn

Why not take the team to the championship that took out the champ? I'm sure Auburn fans realize that the 14-point loss they took earlier in the season to LSU will haunt them, but it's very possible that they could beat Mizzou in the SEC Championship and jump Ohio State much like Missouri could do in theory. It all boils down to how the voters feel about them having the biggest loss margin out of everybody on the list, though it was early in the season.

It all boils down to the last ever championship weekend that will determine who goes to the biggest bowl of the year this saturday. This is why we love college sports, this is why we love football.

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