Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Steroids in the MLB

Alex Rodriguez is a Hall of fame caliber player. Rodriguez is one of the greatest right handed hitters of all time. His tremendous power has him ranked 5th on the all time home run list with 647. Alex is 13 behind Willie Mays, he WILL pass Mays. Why did I capitalize (Will) you ask? I did such because Alex will return from his suspension and will be a 20-25home run player. He will never hit 40+ home runs ever again but Rodriguez is still a great player. He took steroids, and now he must face the consequences and must be punished. But the question is did Major League Baseball handle his case “wrong”? Lets go into what I mean by wrong. Major League Baseball is corrupt. The players are just as much to blame as the managers, general managers, owners, and even commissioner Bud Selig. 35% of Major League Baseball players are on steroids. I know what you’re all thinking, I’m crazy! Well I might be but let’s be honest, would it shock you if I was right? Probably not. Major League Baseball must do ANYTHING to end the use of PED’S! If that means every player in Major League Baseball gets tested then so be it! This is an easy solution yet why won’t Commissioner Bud Selig ever execute it? Because, what if 35% of Major League Baseball players are on steroids. Than its now out in the public that baseball is corrupt. I’ve been saying this for years now, baseball must test every player. From the Russell Martins to the Miguel Cabrera’s, EVERYONE MUST BE TESTED! It may ruin baseball for years to come, but every Major League baseball fan will find out who’s a cheater and who’s not a cheater. We as fans need to know who we can trust and who we can not trust. Obviously we can’t trust Alex Rodriguez anymore. He’s broken many  hearts and he must be punished, I’m not saying Alex is innocent but the question is, was Rodriguez handled to Harsh? Baseball needed a figure head for Steroid use. When players test positive Major League Baseball can say, look what we did to Rodriguez, that can now happen to you. They handled Rodriguez’s case to harshly and now his face is ruined when Ryan Braun should have gotten a similar punishment. Ryan lied to commissioner Bud Selig his teammates, and most importantly THE FANS in 2011. He was caught this year and got a GIFT with his suspension. My final question to you as the reader is who’s more to blame, Alex Rodriguez or Ryan Braun?

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