Wednesday, December 25, 2013

NBA Christmas Day Predictions and Analysis

You know what I think of when I think of Christmas? Christmas trees, mistletoes and… sleeved NBA jerseys.

Once again, the schedule makers of the NBA have made Christmas Day one of the most action filled nights in the season. Powerhouses like the Thunder, Heat and Spurs will all go head-to-head, fighting for the win. I, on the behalf of Tru School Sports, will be giving out my comprehensive analysis, along with predictions, for each and every Christmas Day game.

Oklahoma City Thunder @ New York Knicks

Winner: Oklahoma City Thunder

Reason: The reason why the Thunder will beat, I mean massacre the Knicks is quite simple; the Knickerbockers are terrible. They are 0-8 against Western Conference teams this season, with an average losing margin of 10.1 points and that is with Carmelo Anthony. For all you Knicks fans out there, don't expect anything different. OKC is the hottest team in the entire NBA at this point, going 9-1 in their last 10 games. What's New York's record in their last 10 games? 5-5. Nuff' said.

Chicago Bulls @ Brooklyn Nets

Winner: Brooklyn Nets

Reason: This is the sad tale of two teams that were supposed to be better but got decimated by the injury bug. For the Bulls, Derrick Rose and pretty much the entire team and for the Nets, Brook Lopez… and pretty much the entire team. Now the reason why the Nets come out with the upper hand in this game is because the Bulls don't have Luol Deng (sore right achilles and calf) for this game and might not even have Jimmy Butler (strained right ankle) and Kirk Hinrich (back). Chicago will be seriously depleted for this game and Brooklyn will capitalize on it because they still have Deron Williams.

Miami Heat @ Los Angeles Lakers

Winner: Miami Heat

Reason: The most simplest answer I could give you here is that the Miami Heat are the best team in the NBA and even with Kobe Bryant playing, they would still probably win. LeBron James is averaging around 30 PPG in his last 13 games against the Lakers and those were with Kobe playing. Los Angeles doesn't have much of a ball handler on their team with Jordan Farmar out, so that doesn't help them at all. Miami has won 5 straight games and will look to win their 6th, which they probably will.

Houston Rockets @ San Antonio Spurs

Winner: San Antonio Spurs

Reason: This game is the second most anticipated one of the night, mostly because it's the "Battle of Texas" and those are always entertaining. Houston and San Antonio have already played a game this season and Houston narrowly escaped with the victory, beating them 112-106. However, Harden is a game-time decision with a left ankle sprain and Beverly has a broken hand so the Rockets are banged. Even with a healthy Rockets team, I'd choose the Spurs in a heartbeat to win. This game depends on if Jeremy Lin can turn on his "Linsanity" and rise up to the occasion. Inconsistency is a problem for Lin though so I say San Antonio comes out the victor in a double-digit victory.

Los Angeles Clippers @ Golden State Warriors

Winner: Los Angeles Clippers

Reason: The Clippers versus the Warriors had to be hardest out of all these games to decide the winner. The teams are so even matched that is is tough to choose the victor. However, in a game earlier this year, the Clippers beat the Warriors 126-115, exposing their defense. Chris Paul has been playing like  a man possessed this season, solidifying his case for the title of Best Point Guard in the NBA and Jamal Crawford has been averaging around 20 PPG after J.J. Reddick got injured. Golden State has a chance but Los Angeles will just be too much.

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