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The Informer's Monday Afternoon Reactions To Week 13

Peyton Manning threw 5 TD passes in Arrowhead Stadium for the second time in his NFL career.
On a Sunday that saw Denver Broncos wide receiver Eric Decker do something he has never done before, Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson do something only two people have ever done faster, Alshon Jeffery do something no one in Chicago Bears history has ever done and Cleveland Browns WR Josh Gordon do something no one in the history of the NFL has ever done; The Informer has to once again start off with the NFL MVP Peyton Manning.

The Broncos quarterback, a week removed from his worst performance of the season, showed the world his greatness when he tied his own Arrowhead Stadium record by throwing five touchdown passes (In 2004 while playing with the Indianapolis Colts Manning had five touchdown passes in a 45-35 loss) during the Broncos 35-28 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs.

The touchdown passes were not the only milestones Manning reached yesterday; he also became just the third quarterback (Dan Marino, Drew Brees) to throw for over 40 touchdowns in a season twice in his career. Also, after throwing for 405 yards against the Chiefs, Manning passed the 4,000 yard mark for the 13th time; which of course is another NFL record.

There is more. If Manning averages 337 yards-per-game and 2.5 touchdown passes over the next four games, he will break the NFL record for yards passing and touchdowns in a single season. Furthermore, if the Broncos average 30.5 points-per-game over the next four games they will break the New England Patriots record for total points in a single season.

Considering the Broncos are averaging 38-points while Manning is averaging 341 yards-per-game with 3.5 touchdown passes, The Informer is going to go out on a limb and say the Broncos and Manning will easily pass these marks.

The Informer's point is simple; no matter what anyone tries to say, Manning is currently leading the best offense in the history of the NFL and he deserves his fifth NFL MVP Award.

Before you start arguing for Cam Newton (Talking to you Brendan Taylor), Tom Brady (National Media) or whomever else you think should be in the Manning MVP conversations, let The Informer prove the award belongs to the best regular season quarterback in NFL history.

Here is the MVP list for each week of the 2013 NFL Season

Week1 Peyton Manning: 462 yards and 7 TD passes in the Broncos 49-27 win.

Week 2 Aaron Rodgers: 480 yards (Career high) and 4 TD passes in the Green Bay Packers 38-20 win.

Week 3 Peyton Manning: 374 yards 3 TD and 0 INT on Monday Night Football.

Week 4 Peyton Manning: 327 yards 4 TD 0 INT and a 146 QBR.  

Week 5 Peyton Manning: 414 yards 4 TD and for good measure one rushing touchdown.

Week 6 Cam Newton: Four total TD in the Carolina Panthers first of eight straight victories.

Week 7 Andrew Luck: Four total TD while leading the Colts to a 39-33 victory over the Broncos.

Week 8 Calvin Johnson: 329 yards receiving . . . Still the single best individual performance The Informer has ever seen.

Week 9 Nick Foles: 406 yards and 7 TD passes.

Week 10 Drew Brees: 392 yards and 4 TD passes on Monday Night Football.

(The Informer note - Manning was a close runner up for Week 10 MVP with 330 yards and 4 TD passes.)

Week 11 Ben Roethlisberger: 367 yards and 4 TD passes.

Week 12 Tom Brady: 344 yards and 3 TD passes in the Patriots overtime win against Denver.

Week 13 Peyton Manning: 403 yards and 5 TD against the so called best defense in football.

Judging by my calculations, Manning was the MVP of an individual week five out of the twelve times he played (Remember one week he had a bye) and arguably could have been the MVP a sixth time depending on how you feel about Brees dismantling a terrible Dallas Cowboys defense.

So, not only is Manning having the best overall season, but on a week-to-week basis he has been the best player five separate times while no one else has taken the honor more than once.

At this point, even if Manning doesn’t play another snap this season, The Informer is comfortable saying the guy would still be the MVP.

That is enough with The Informer’s Manning love fest; why don’t we ramble our way through the things The Informer liked from Week 13 of the NFL.

We have to start off with Alshon Jeffery, the Bears second-year wide receiver who broke his own team record with 249 yards receiving on 12 catches. Unfortunately for Jeffery, there is a good chance his accomplishment will get swept under the rug because the Bears lost 23-20 to the Minnesota Vikings

Despite the loss, Jeffery's performance on Sunday has officially launched him into the conversation as one of the games top young players. The Bears new offensive difference maker currently has five 100-yard performances on the year and two games where he eclipsed the 200-yard mark.

Oh yea . . . He is also currently fourth in the league with 1,109 yards receiving. 

Just saying, after watching Jeffery and fellow receiver Brandon Marshall continually over-match the Vikings secondary on Sunday, The Informer thinks it is safe to say that Chicago has the best wide receiver combination in the NFL.

Speaking of overmatching the opponent, did anyone else watch the Miami Dolphins bully their way to a 23-3 victory (see what I did there?) on the road against the New York Jets?

As someone who was on the Dolphins-playoffs bandwagon, The Informer was happy to see “RT1” Ryan Tannehill and company handle their business on the road.

Miami has now won two straight games after their embarrassing locker room scandal, and at 6-6 actually control their own destiny to the last AFC Wild Card spot.

Please raise your hand if you thought Nick Foles was going to be the second coming of Peyton Manning?


The Philadelphia Eagles quarterback has won three straight games while throwing 19 touchdown passes with zero interceptions. Remember the NFL record for touchdown passes in a season before your first interception, set by Manning earlier in the year, is 21.

With the way Foles is adapting to Chip Kelly’s offense, not only is the new Eagles savior bound to break the record this week, he also has Philadelphia in the lead for the NFC East Division title and a playoff berth for the first time since 2010.

Is The Informer the only person who gets “Nam-like” flashbacks when watching Vikings rookie WR Cordarelle Patterson every time he touches the ball?

On Sunday Patterson, who wears the Purple 84, just like Randy Moss once did, took a pitch 36-yards for a touchdown while weaving his way through the heart of the Bears defense. This was the third straight week Patterson made the kind of game changing play that Vikings fans grew accustomed to Moss making from 1997-204.

While Patterson was amazing in his one run, the Vikings once again won because Adrian Peterson realized he was Adrian Peterson.

The best running back in the NFL had his fifth career 200-yard game, which is tied for second most all-time behind Hall of Famer O.J. Simpson who had six such games.

Peterson also became the third fastest player (101 games) to reach 10,000 yards for his career. For those scoring at home, the 28-year-old is only 8,298 yards behind Emmit Smith for the NFL record.

If Peterson keeps up his career average of 99 yards-per-game, he will pass the former Dallas Cowboys great in 5.2 years, or at the age of 33.

Speaking of NFL greats: Doesn’t it look like Tom Brady and the gang are starting to come together offensively? Brady, who struggled mightily most of the season, has averaged 360 yards and 2.5 touchdown passes over the last four games.

Sunday was no different as Brady threw for 377 yards while leading the Patriots to a 34-31 come from behind victory over the Houston Texans.

If Brady keeps playing like Brady then the Patriots officially become the only other AFC team not named “Donkeys” that has a chance to make a trip to New York in February.

The Informer wants to give a shout-out to Texans receiver Andre Johnson for reaching the 900 catch mark on his career. Johnson also went over 1,000 yards receiving for the seventh time.

If you read The Informer’s piece about Carolina Panthers WR Steve Smith, then you would know that historically those who reach 1,000 yards receiving seven times have an inside track to the Hall of Fame.

Sticking with the Texans, The Informer is going to go out on a limb and say that Ben Tate is going to decide more than one fantasy football league this season. The former back-up, who was injured but is now healthy, scored three times on Sunday while putting up 30 fantasy points.

Back up running backs putting up 30 fantasy points in the last week of the “Fantasy Regular Season”, helping The Informer back door his way into the playoffs, is reason number six why he loves fantasy football.

Maurice Jones-Drew throwing a touchdown pass and giving The Informer’s opponent an extra four points, in a fantasy match-up that was decided by three points, is reason number 2,469 that The Informer hates fantasy football.

Moral of the story: Don’t have eight fantasy football teams and bad beats will not happen to you.

Moving on, The Informer knows he said that nobody is in Mannings league, but if there was an award for NFC MVP then Cam Newton would definitely be the front runner.

Did you all see the former number one overall pick “Superman” dive his way into the end zone during the Panthers 27-6 victory over a semi-good Tampa Bay Buccaneers team?

Newton has a number of NFL records already in his young career (only player to ever throw for 4,000 yards his first two seasons) but after Sunday the only record that matters in Carolina is 9-3.

If the New Orleans Saints lose in Seattle on Monday Night, then next week's Sunday Night Football showdown between the Panthers and Saints will be for sole possession of first place in the NFC South.

The Informer has a meeting with a Blimpie sandwich to get to, so why don’t we wrap up Sunday with some one hit wonders?

#46 from the New England Patriots that was a man’s touchdown run late in the second quarter. In the words of the great Chris Berman, “Boom . . . Boom . . . Boom . .. Stumbling rumbling TOUCHDOWN!!!”

Welcome to the four touchdown catches in a single game club Eric Decker. You are officially the 39th member.

Just when you think the Arizona Cardinals are a good football team, they fumble twice on the same punt return and remind the world that they are still the Arizona Cardinals.

That was a heck of a catch and run 40-yard touchdown Larry Fitzgerald.

That was a heck of a one-handed catch setting up the Eagles second score of the game Riley Cooper. The Informer has not seen many better this season.

The Informer wrote this down in his Sunday notes: Poor Brandon Weeden is still Brandon Weeden. But seriously, three turnovers to end the first half, leading to thirteen Jacksonville points, is a good way to find yourself on the unemployment line.

Give Weeden credit though, he did bounce back by hitting Josh Gordon for a 95-yard touchdown to give the Browns a late 28-25 lead over the Jags. Unfortunately for Weeden, Jags WR Cecil Shorts the third tip-toed his way into the back of the end zone with a minute left to play securing the Jags 32-28 victory.

How about this for a stat: The Jacksonville Jaguars, who at one point this season where the biggest underdog in NFL history, are now on a three-game winning streak. On the flip side, the Kansas City Chiefs, who were the last remaining undefeated team in the NFL, are now on a three-game losing streak.

And people try and say they can predict the NFL.

Hey Case Keenum, that was valiant effort trying to go head-to-head with Tom Brady on Sunday. Don’t feel too bad new “Brett Favre”, many great quarterbacks have went head-to-head and lost duels with Brady.

Even though he lost; Keenum, who had his first rushing touchdown of his career on Sunday, is certainly playing like someone who has a bright future in the NFL. 

And finally, The Informer’s player of the week not named Peyton Manning has to be Josh Gordon. The Browns second-year wideout had 10 receptions, 267 yards and 2 touchdowns during the Browns' loss.

For Gordon it was the second straight week he has went over the 200 yard receiving mark.

Did you know that Gordon is the first player in NFL history to have back to back 200 yard receiving games? Jerry Rice never did it. Randy Moss never did it. Calvin Johnson hasn’t done it yet. Only Josh Gordon of the Cleveland Browns has ever had 200+ yards receiving in two straight NFL games.

Since Gordon did something no one has ever done before on Sunday, he is The Informer’s best player not named Manning. 

Honestly, at this point The Informer thinks that Gordon is the best WR in the National Football League not named Calvin, A.J. Green or Dez Bryant.

Before you dismiss the notion of Gordon being one of the top receivers in the league, remember that the guy is on pace for 1,600 yards receiving this year, even though his quarterback is Brandon Weeden.

The Informer rests his case.

It was a great NFL Sunday, hope you all enjoy the game of the week tonight. The Informer thinks the New Orleans Saints will beat the Seattle Seahawks 31-28.

Josh Gordon is the only player in NFL history to have back to back 200 yard receiving games.

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  1. Turns out the Jacksonville Jaguars are 3-1 in their last four games. They have only won two straight games. The Informer apologizes . . . Mistakes like that happen when The Informer is thinking about the Blimpie Best.


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