Saturday, December 21, 2013

Top 5 NBA Celebrity Look-a-Likes

Tru School Sports is back with Top 5 Celebrity Look-a-Likes! Lets move on to the NBA today and take a look at some of the most chocking resemblances the players we watch today have with some of our favorite celebrities!

 Some will be funny, some wont, and some might make you straight piss your pants! If you don't laugh...that's fine, just enjoy the brilliance of these rankings! Enjoy!

HONROABLE MENTION #1- Clippers guard Chris Paul and Fresh Prince of Bell Air's Alfonso Ribiero

- Could Carlton from the Fresh Prince play "Cliff Paul" or be a starter for the LA Clippers? Maybe not but he would definitely give the State Farm worker some life as Ribiero is one of the funnier guys to ever hit the TV screen.

HONORABLE MENTION #2- Free agent guard/forward Corey Maggette and rapper Xzibit

- I wonder if Corey Maggette could spit any bars? Probably not but he still could pull of the same look as the accomplished rapper who is famous for working with guys including Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube.

HONORABLE MENTION #3- Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade and Keith B from the grocery store

- Keith B might not be a celebrity, but who could resist using the random grocery worker as a comparison to the 3 time NBA champion!

Number 5- San Antonio Spurs guard Marco Belinelli and actor Sylvester Stallone

Number 4- Rapper Pharell Williams and Milwaukee Buck's Caron Butler

Number 3- Pistons guard Rodney Stuckey and rapper 50 Cent

Number 2- Atlanta Hawks guard/forward Kyle Korver and actor Ashton Kutcher

Number 1-  Free agent guard Shannon Brown and rapper Chris Brown

Stay tuned as next week we will look at the NHL and its celebrity look-a-likes!

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