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Today In History: Marvin Harrison Sets Single-Season Receptions Record, How Seasons Of Current Players Compare

On December 15 of 2002, Marvin Harrison set the record for most receptions in a single season (143). The man throwing the ball to him was future Hall of Famer Peyton Manning, he has to get props for being a big reason that record happened.

The Indianapolis Colt receiver has been to the Pro Bowl 8 times, among the league leaders in major categories for plenty of years, and won a super bowl (2006). Putting together a Marvin Harrison type year as a wide receiver is not an easy task. There are many wide receivers in the league right now who are exceptional players. Some of those players have had seasons that are among the "Top Ten Single-Season Reception List (All-Time)" but how close have they come to Marvin Harrison's single-season receptions record?

"Top Ten Single-Season Receptions List":

1. Marvin Harrison 143 (2002)
2. Herman Moore 123  (1995)
    Wes Welker 123      (2009)
    Wes Welker 123      (2011)
5. Calvin Johnson 122   (2012)
    Cris Carter 122         (1994)
    Jerry Rice 122           (1995)
    Cris Carter 122         (1994)
9. Isaac Bruce 119        (1995)
10. Wes Welker 118     (2012)
      Brandon Marshall 118 (2012) 

As you can see, 3 current players in recent years have made the "Top Ten Single-Season Receptions List (All-Time)". Calvin Johnson, Brandon Marshall and Wes Welker have made the list. These stellar receivers are amazing and still fall very short of the Marvin mark. That's why his record breaking 2002 year should be remembered. 

The current receivers in the NFL are great. Andre Johnson of the Houston Texans is on pace to be number 13 on the all-time single-season reception list. He currently has 95 receptions and is on pace to hit the 116 overall mark. If Johnson goes above and beyond his 7 receptions a game average over the next 3 game who knows where he could land. Antonio Brown of the Cleveland Browns has 90 receptions himself. Calvin Johnson and Brandon Marshall are in the "Top Ten Single-Season Receptions (All-Time)" list and doing a solid job this year as well. Patriot's receiver Wes Welker sits at number 11 with 73 receptions. 

Receptions Leaders (2013) 12/15/2013 8:37AM EST

1. Andre Johnson  95
2. Antonio Brown 90
3. Pierre Garcon 89
4. Brandon Marshall 84
5. Demaryius Thomas 78
    AJ Green 78
7. Julian Edelman 76
8. Calvin Johnson 75
9. Alshon Jeffery 75
10. Jimmy Graham 74 

Do you think any of the current NFL wide receivers will one day break Marvin Harrison's single-season reception record?

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