Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Informer vs The Question NFL Picks Challenge: San Diego @ Denver

The Denver Broncos will improve their home record to a NFL best 8-0 with a win over the San Diego Chargers.

The Informer has finally come around.

After watching Peyton Manning throw for a measly 397 yards and four touchdown passes while leading the Denver Broncos to a 51-28 victory over the Tennessee Titans last Sunday, The Informer realized that everyone else is right; Manning may win the 2013 NFL MVP Award, but someone else really should.

Think about it, what is impressive or remarkable about a guy who went out and had another average Manning game?

Sure, Peyton lead the Broncos to 50+ points for the third time this season, and for the fourth time in the history of their franchise (October 6th, 1963 being the other time Denver scored 50 points in a game), but there was nothing impressive about the victory.

In fact, most of us thought they would score way more than 51 points against the hapless Titans.

You want impressive; look at what one of the guys who should win the award, Tom Brady, did while leading his New England Patriots to a 27-26 fourth quarter come from behind victory over the atrocious Cleveland Browns.

Brady, who played absolutely terrible quarterback for three quarters, somehow turned on the "Brady Magic" for the fourth quarter and willed his team to victory against one of the worst teams in the NFL.

Now that is what The Informer calls impressive.

I mean seriously, look at what Manning has done this year and tell me how it is more remarkable than Brady having one great quarter against the Browns?

Through 13 games the guy only has 45 TD passes (Tied for 5th All-Time), 4,522 yards with a 68% completion percentage and a 114.5 passer rating.

Also the Broncos just became the first team in NFL history to have four different players catch 10+ touchdowns (Eric Decker currently has 8 so they maybe come the first team to ever have five players with 10+ TD catches) and they are on pace to score the most points in the history of the NFL.


You want to talk about not being boring and unimpressive, did you know Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles started his season with 19 straight TD passes before throwing his first interception?

Isn't that remarkable? To be honest, The Informer is pretty sure that is some kind of record.

(The Informer note - Peyton actually set the record earlier this season when he started with 21 TD passes before his first interception. For the sake of this article we will pretend, like everyone who thinks Manning is not the MVP, that those numbers don’t exist.)

Okay . . . So your not impressed with Nick Foles, or Tom Terrific, but we can all agree that if you take away all the stats (Passing yards, touchdowns, completion percentage, QBR, wins, control of the offense; basically everything a quarterback does on the field) then Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson should be the NFL MVP.

Have you watched this guy game manage a game this year? It is unbelievably impressive.

Did you know the Seahawks have had four games this season where they have scored 20 points or less? It truly is a testament to how great Wilson is that he is able to lead his team to victory even though the offense can’t put up a measly three touchdowns.

Heck, since Manning became the Broncos quarterback they have only had one game ( A 17-9 win over the Kansas City Chiefs in 2012) where they have scored less than 27 points. No wonder Denver has lost an NFL low five games since Peyton took over.

Sure Manning can win games when his offense is putting up huge numbers, anyone can do that, but Wilson is winning games when his offensive is absolutely dreadful.  If you ask The Informer, being able to win games as the quarterback of a mediocre offense is the true sign of greatness.

“Informer now you are just being ridiculous.”

Oh . . . You want ridiculous? The Informer can be ridiculous.

Broncos kicker Matt Prater should be the first special teams player to win the MVP because he made a 64-yard field goal on Sunday. Manning has never done that.

Eli Manning should be the MVP because he has thrown more INT than any other quarterback since 2004 (It is true The Informer looked it up).

Cam Newton should be the MVP because no Carolina Panthers player has ever won the award.

Carson Palmer should be the MVP because he won eight games with the Arizona Cardinals. Let me repeat that, Palmer won eight games with the Arizona Cardinals.

Case Keenum should be the MVP because he has more fun playing quarterback than anyone since Brett Favre.

Philip Rivers should be the MVP because he is throwing for 8.4 yards per pass which is actually fourth in the NFL, but better than Manning's 8.39ypp; so that makes him more valuable.

Drew Brees should be the MVP because Oprah once tried to rub the birthmark off of his face. No really, The Informer has video evidence.

"Wow Wow Wow . . . Okay who just kissed you?" The Informer doesn't care who you are, that is funny. 

And finally, with Randy Moss on the team the San Francisco 49ers won the NFC West, made the Super Bowl and were one non-pass interference call away from being Super Bowl Champions.

With Moss now a member of the Fox Sports team; the 49ers are a dismal 9-4, they are two games back in their conference and their quarterback Colin Kaepernick has regressed to being one of the more average players in the NFL.

Basically, if one wants to look at true value, then Moss has pretty much proven he should be the MVP.

On second thought, as much as The Informer loves the idea of Randy winning the award, maybe we should stick to stats and the facts and give the award to the only player in the National Football League currently breaking records every single week.

Now that we have once again figured out that Manning is the only person who should win the 2013 NFL MVP Award, why don’t we pick the Thursday Night Football game?


“The Question”

Peyton Manning in prime-time at home. Talk about easy-peezy lemon . . . Well you get the idea.

Pick: Broncos -10.5

“The Informer”

 Someone should probably tell The Question that “peezy” is not even a word in the English language.

As for the game, The Informer really thinks the San Diego Chargers will keep this close. With that said, the number one rule in picking NFL games is you always take Peyton Manning at home in prime-time.


Pick: Donkeys -10.5

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