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The Informer vs The Question NFL Picks Challenge: Week 15

The Detroit Lions need a win on Monday Night Football to keep control of the AFC North.
The Informer is coming off his best week of the season, after his picks went 11-5 including the Lion King Lock of the Week hitting.

Even better, The Question was picking games with such Miss Cleo-like accuracy (13-3) that Al Pacino and Matt McConaughey actually called and asked him to co-star in their upcoming movie Two for the Money Two: Taking the Vig.

Needless to say, it was a good week for us.

Now The Informer knows one good week does not make up for the fact that our picks have been absolutely atrocious all year; however, after last week’s success, The Informer has been picking over .500 for three straight weeks which means we are finally starting to give the people what they want –WINNING PICKS.

So instead of ranting around with foreplay this week, why don’t we jump right into Week 15 of The Informer vs. The Question’s 2013 NFL Picks Challenge?

The Informer almost forgot; if he has a 12 win week then The Informer is going to buy this car.

Randy Moss' purple Lexus is currently up for sale on Ebay. 
Yes that is Randy Moss’ former Lexus which is currently up for bid on Ebay. How is The Informer going to pay for this car you ask?

"Straight car loan homey!"

With the hopes of allegedly running over meter-maids in a brand new to me purple Randy Moss mobile, here are the Week 15 picks.


“The Question”

It is pretty obvious that both the Washington Redskins and the Atlanta Falcons are playing for next year.

Since neither team has anything left to play for it is a little harder picking this game because you need to find different reasons why you like a team other than the normal trying to make the playoffs, or trying to spoil another teams playoff chances.

So for this game, my reasoning is I think the Redskins might be reinvigorated with Kirk Cousins starting at QB. The combination of Cousins and the Falcons mailing it in makes me want to pick the Skins.

Pick: Redskins +6.5

“The Informer”

RG3-10 getting benched for Cousins is not an upgrade.

Also, if The Informer knows anything about football, it is that other guys on the team do not take kindly to one guy being treated differently than the rest.

In this case, sitting RG3-10 for the last three games so that he doesn’t get injured is a slap in the face to the other 52 guys on that roster. Basically what they are telling the roster is it is okay for everyone else to get injured, just not the savior.

On top of RG3-10’s being told he is more important than everyone else, you have Mike Shanahan openly trying to get fired. The Informer is not a brain scientist, but when your head coach is actively trying to get fired, that can't be a good sign for team success.

Now believe it or not, The Informer actually has a rule about picking a team after said team openly says they are shutting down for the season (By benching RG3-10) and their coach is doing everything in his power to get fired.

That rule is The Informer is not going to pick them.

Pick: Falcons -6


 “The Question”

This is a lot of points on the road considering the Niners are not an offensive juggernaut. I think San Fran wins, but they will win close in a defensive struggle.

Pick: Bucs +5.5

“The Informer”

The Informer is going against his better judgment and taking the San Francisco 49ers.

Sure the picks rules clearly state that you never take a west coast team playing the early east coast game, you should always be weary of home underdogs and you don’t want to pick a team coming off a huge rivalry win (The 49ers beat Seattle last week); However, The Informer thinks the 49ers are about to remind the world that even at 9-4, they are still one of the best teams in the NFC.

Also, right now on many different Caribbean websites you can get 10-1 odds on the 49ers making the Super Bowl. That means you can put $10 on the 49ers to win the NFC and if they do you will get back $100.

Just saying, they did just beat the best team in the NFC five days ago.

Pick: 49ers -5.5


“The Question”

Take the Arizona Cardinals. It’s that easy.

Pick: Cardinals -2.5

“The Informer”

In the words of ESPN’s college football analyst Lee Corso, “Not so fast my friend.”

Did you know that home underdogs getting less than three points are 20-4 against the spread? Ladies and gentlemen 20-4 is not even a trend, it is pretty much a certainty.

The Informer actually thinks the Cardinals will win this game, but there is no way he picking against a certainty.

Pick: Titans +2.5


“The Question”

The New Orleans Saints are refocused and still have that memory of getting destroyed on the road two weeks ago in Seattle.

They will not let that happen again.

Pick: Saints -6

“The Informer”

Here is a fun fact: In 1992 this used to be a NFC West rivalry? Yea before the NFL went to four divisions both the New Orleans Saints and the then Los Angeles Rams were in the NFC West.

Sorry, that was The Informer’s strange but true fact of the day. Also strange but true, Saints quarterback Drew Brees needs 893 yards (298 per game) to reach 5,000 passing yards for the fourth time in his career.

To put that in perspective, only three other quarterbacks (Dan Marino, Matt Stafford, Tom Brady) have ever reached the 5,000 yard mark once (Peyton Manning will be the fourth if he averages 94.5ypg over the next two games).

The Informer thinks Brees will get a nice jump on the 893 yards with a big game that, thanks to Manning’s poor performance on Thursday, will bring him back into the 2013 NFL MVP talks.

Pick: Saints


“The Question”

The Seahawks are the better team and with their pass rush and running game this one won’t be close.

Pick: Seahawks -7

“The Informer”

Mr. Question you forgot to mention their MVP game-manager Russell Wilson.

As for the game, did you know in five of Seattle’s seven road games this year they have either lost, or won by fewer than five points?

That includes losses at Houston (Worst team in football) and a five point win over the St Louis Rams.

Just saying, even if the New York Giants are a dreadful football team, this is still too many points for the Seahawks to be giving on the road. 

Pick: Giants +7


“The Question”

The Chicago Bears are coming off of a big time win on Monday Night Football. History has shown that teams tend to let down on the road after big prime-time wins.

The Bears pending letdown is why I think the Cleveland Browns will prevail.

Pick: Browns +1

“The Informer”

The Informer knows he just got done saying home-dogs getting less than three points were 20-4 ATS, but The Informer really wants the Detroit Lions to make the playoffs and in order for that to happen he needs the Bears to stop winning games.

Therefore, reverse jinx style, The Informer is riding Jay Cutler and the Bears this week.

On a side note: The Alshon Jeffery vs. Josh Gordon battle for the title of "Best Second Year WR" will be fun to watch.

Both guys are over 1,000 yards on the season, while Gordon has just completed one of the best four game stretches any NFL wide receiver has ever had (774 yards in four games, which is a NFL record).

Maybe the most amazing thing about these guys is they are both on pace for 1,500 yard seasons even though they have been playing with quarterbacks named Brandon Weeden, Jason Campbell and Josh McCown.

Reread that last sentence again . . . Brandon Weeden, Jason Campbell and Josh McCown. Talk about impressive.

If The Informer had to list the Top 5 wide receivers in football right now it would go:

5. Alshon Jeffery - Quietly becoming the best jump over the defender and catch a lob-pass receiver in the NFL.

4. Dez Bryant - A down year for Dez and he is still going to have over 1,000 yards and 10+ TD. Having what is considered a down year that for others is a career year, is a true sign of greatness.

3. Josh Gordon - Gordon's 1,400 yards is the most in the NFL and his 127ypg average would be a NFL record if the season ended today. Just imagine this guys numbers if he weren't playing in Cleveland and he hadn't missed two games.

2. A.J. Green - One of three NFL players to have 1,000 yards receiving in their first three seasons. FYI- Randy Moss holds the record by starting his career with six straight 1,000 yard campaigns.

1. Calvin Johnson - By far the best, most dominating WR in the NFL.The Informer wants to see if Johnson can add five touchdowns before the end of the season so he joins the "17 Club."

Did you know only 11 receivers have ever had 17+ TD in a single season? Did you also know that Randy Moss holds the record with three 17+ touchdown seasons?

Getting back to Gordon and Jeffery, this game is a must watch because these two are special talents.

Pick: DA Bears +1


“The Question”

Although the Houston Texans can’t figure it out as of late, neither can the Indianapolis Colts.

For me, the biggest factor in this game will be the Colts inability to protect Mr. Andrew Luck, which will lead to J.J. Watt breathing down his neck all day.

I think the Texans keep this one close.

Pick: Texans +5.5

“The Informer”

My favorite part of last Sunday was watching Peyton Manning destroy the Tennessee Titans 51-28, clinching the AFC South Championship for the Indianapolis Colts.

That is right, not only is the league MVP going to lead the Denver Broncos to the playoffs, he clinched a spot for his former team. Manning’s greatness knows no bounds.

As for this game, never take the road underdog getting less than a touchdown unless you think they are going to win. The Informer does not think Wade Phillips and his underachieving Texans will win a road game against Andrew “The Giant” Luck.

Pick: Colts -5.5


“The Question”

Take the Buffalo Bills. I think that E.J. Manuel at QB gives them an edge over the suddenly surging Jacksonville Jaguars

Sadly that means this week the Jags three game win streak comes to an end.

Pick: Bills -2.5

“The Informer”

"Hey old time cowboy guy, do we pick against 2.5 point home underdogs?"

The Informer didn't think so.

Pick: Jags +2.5


“The Question”

This feels like a give back game for the New England Patriots. What I mean is, last week they stole a last second victory they shouldn’t have, so this week the Miami Dolphins will steal one back.

Take the Dolphins at home.

Pick: Dolphins +2.5

“The Informer”

With the Broncos Thursday night loss the Patriots currently have the edge when it comes to home field advantage. Since The Informer wants Peyton and the Donkeys to have home field advantage he has to do his best to reverse jinx Tom Brady and the Patriots.

How can he do this you ask?

By taking the Patriots in his “Super Picks” contest (The Informer is currently in last place. It’s been a bad year), picking them in his weekly picks article, placing a friendly non-illegal wager with his friend Frankie the Fish and by making them the Lion King Lock of the Week.

Pick: Patriots -2.5 LKLOTW


“The Question”

The Minnesota Vikings defense is awful, just pitiful. This will be a too easy for Nick Foles and the Philadelphia Eagles.

Pick: Eagles -5

“The Informer"

After Week 1 Chip Kelly was the best coach ever. After Week 6 Chip Kelly was the worst coach ever and needed to be fired. After Week 13 Chip Kelly is the best coach ever and some people are trying to say Nick Foles is the MVP.

That is why The Informer loves the NFL –you never know what is going to happen week to week.

Pick: Eagles -5


“The Question”

Apparently Vegas now believes in the Carolina Panthers. I mean geez . . . The Jets are bad, but 11 point for the Panthers?

I know I shouldn’t, but if Vegas believes this team is still on fire, then let’s keep putting the dollars in and winning those cars, shall we?

Pick: Panthers -11

“The Informer”

Did The Question just quote Vegas Vacation? Has anyone reading this article ever seen the movie Vegas Vacation?

It stars Chevy Chase, one of the funniest guys ever.

Do people still know who Chevy Chase is?

Sometimes The Informer forgets that he is really really old.

Pick: Panthers -11


"The Question"

Well-well, the Kansas City Chiefs got off the snide last week after drubbing the Redskins in the head by doing what they do best, being consistent.

I think this week they will continue taking care of business by being the team that consistently does the things you need to do to win football games.

Pick: Chiefs -4.5

“The Informer”

The Informer is so excited about making the people money three straight weeks that he is going to give you all a special bonus Lion King Lock of the Week.

The Chiefs, like The Question just said, have been taking care of business every week and with the Broncos loss on Thursday they still have a shot at winning the AFC West.

Thus this week they will continue to be a solid, boring, winning team.

Pick: Chiefs -4.5 LKLOTW Part Deux


“The Question”

An Aaron Rodgerless Green Bay Packers team on the road, I don’t think so.

Even though the Dallas Cowboys play to the level of their competition, I think they will make this their bounce back game after getting embarrassed in prime-time.

Pick: Cowboys -7.5

“The Informer”

When a team is unable to play defense, like say the Cowboys, then they should never be favored by more than a touchdown.

And yes, The Informer knows the Packers are playing with Matt Flynn, but Dallas is still playing with the Dallas defense.

Pick: Packers +7.5


“The Question”

It’s been a long time since the Pittsburgh Steelers have been underdogs at home. Although the feat is warranted this season, due to their inconsistent play and defensive issues (they look old); I have to pick the Steelers getting points at home against a team that is young and not as good on the road.

Pick: Steelers +3

“The Informer

Did you all see how the Steelers lost last week? For the love of Tebow, Antonio Brown scored a touchdown on one of those crazy throw the ball around ten times last play of the game, only he stepped out of bounds at the ten yard line so the score didn’t count.

The play single-handedly eliminated the Steelers from the playoffs (At 5-8 they are still mathematically alive but it’s not happening) and kept the Dolphins in the hunt. Trust The Informer when he says that teams don’t rebound from that kind of devastating last second loss by coming back stronger the next week.

Just ask the Bills who haven’t had a winning season since the "Music City Miracle" happened twelve years ago (To soon?).

The Informer is going to stand behind the Red-headed gunslinger Andy Dalton and the Bengals who can clinch the division with a win.

Pick: Bengals -3


“The Question”

You cannot trust the Detroit Lions.

Let me repeat, you cannot trust the Detroit Lions.

Pick: Lions -6

Wait . . . What? Didn’t I just say you can’t trust the Lions?

Well the Lions are at home against a Baltimore Ravens team that just won and lost a game three times in the last two minutes against the Vikings, so I guess my point is I trust the Lions more than I trust the Ravens.

Pick: Lions -6

“The Informer”

The Lions are at home, they must win to stay in first place in the AFC North and they are on Monday Night Football.

Doesn’t’ this have all the makings of Detroit doing Detroit things and blowing this game?

Pick: Ravens +6

The Informer after the article note - I just found out that the Randy Moss car sold on Ebay for $8,100. So even if he wins 12 games this week, The Informer won't be buying the "Straight Cash Mobile".

Buuuut . . . If The Informer does go 12-4 this week his overall picks record would move to 111-110-6, moving him over .500 for the entire season.

I don't know about you, but The Informer getting over .500 is the best underdog come from behind story he can remember since the days of Lincoln Hawk.

As the saying goes, "Winner takes it all, losers take the fall."

Enjoy Week 15 everyone. 


The Question - 98-107-6

The Informer - 99-106-6

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