Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Future of Mr. Heisman

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Saturday night was finally the moment where the sexual assault case went behind Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston when he won the top collegiate award for College Football, the Heisman Trophy. Winston became the youngest ever to win the trophy, being three weeks under 20 years old. The question many people are wondering is, "What happens next?" There's several options for Winston. After Florida State takes on the Auburn Tigers in the BCS National Championship game on Winston's birthday (January 6th), I feel like his future could go down two different paths.

Path One:

When Winston and the steaming hot Seminoles roll into Pasadena, it's a matter of win or loss. Down path one, Winston wins the BCS Championship. With some of the top college football quarterbacks seemingly going to enter the draft in Texas A&M sophomore Johnny Manziel and Alabama senior AJ McCarron, what does he have to lose. He brings an ultimate package and could definitely be a top-ten pick. Having an ultimate arm and being able to run when needed brings a great presence to the NFL. He brings a running package like an Aaron Rodgers or a passing presence of a less-mobile Cam Newton. He could possibly go to a team like the Vikings.

Path Two:

After a heart-breaking loss in the BCS Championship game, Winston has decided to stay with the Seminoles for his sophomore season to up his stock in the NFL and improve his game. This doesn't seem unlikely even if they do win, because if he waits a season or even more he could easily become a number-one overall pick along with winning another Heisman trophy.

Winston is ridiculously talented and brings a ton to the table for both the college and professional level. If you haven't seen what this guy can do, check this amazing video out:

You may have to watch on YouTube.

If I had to make a case for one guy to make it big in the NFL, my choice would be Mr. Heisman, Jameis Winston.

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