Friday, December 13, 2013

Undertaker Must Be Involved With Wyatt Family

As WWE's tables, ladders, and chairs nears this Sunday, the Wyatt Family is scheduled to go up against Daniel Bryan in a three on one handicap match as the Wyatt's try to lure Bryan into their philosophy.

The Wyatt Family work in a form that suggests they are under a higher power. And what a high power it would be if the Undertaker was behind all of the action over the last several months?

The Undertaker might not be what he used to be in terms of his physical endurance as he has been nicked with injuries in recent years, but adding the deadman to the storyline adds a lot of spice.

Taker doesn't have to be in the ring, but as a vocal leader on camera will do wonders for the Wyatt's to help them get a huge push in their careers.

I understand that the Undertaker has unfinished business with the Shield, as the trio took out the deadman earlier in the year. But looking at the big picture, Undertaker and the Wyatt's have very similar mindsets. It would be a shame if it was put to waste.

At the very least, the Undertaker isn't in alliance with the Wyatt Family, then he should at least go up against them before he calls it a career.

It remains to be seen if the Undertaker can take on the Wyatt Family by himself, but somehow I figure if the this storyline occurs, Kane will find himself in the middle of it once again.

If so, the brothers of destruction in the Undertaker, and Kane going up against the Wyatt's would be the biggest collision course in the WWE in quite some time.

I don't care what form the two sides meet. Just as long as a storyline between the two sides occurs.

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  1. This is a great idea . . . Even better if it sets up Daniel Bryan vs. The Undertaker at Mania....Great article man...

    The Informer


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