Saturday, December 21, 2013

State Of The NFC North

As we head into week 16, its rather apparent that the season is coming to a close. But as a result of this time every season, the excitement is just beginning. One of the biggest factors in the NFL's annual drama comes from the three way race in the NFC North; between the Packers, Bears, and Lions.

1st Place: Chicago Bears (8-6)

Probably the most dramatic situation of the bunch, there is so much controversy around the Bears quarterback situation that ESPN stopped talking about LeBron James for a second to analyze it. The question is simple; do you stick with your streaky quarterback you've had for the past couple of years coming off an injury, or take his back up, Josh McCown, who has been completely lights out in Cutler's absence. After a shaky performance, but still managing to fight for a victory against the usually mediocre Cleveland Browns, it appears that head coach Marc Trestman would stick with his previous starter. The Bears have 2 games against the Eagles and the Packers remaining on the schedule. Seeing that they are in first place, winning out these final two games would give them their first playoff berth since 2010. They can also clinch this week with a win and a Packers loss.

2nd Place: Green Bay Packers (7-6-1)

Another quarterback discussion, there is no doubt that when he is healthy Aaron Rodgers is the is the best quarterback in the NFL. The problem is, he isn't healthy, and the Packers don't really want to risk the health of the best player in the franchise for one season. Matt Flynn will once again get the start on sunday, joining a list of backups that are playing for the Packers, who have been completely devastated by injuries this season. The Packers have two remaining games this season against the Steelers and the Bears, winning both of those would give them the NFC north title and a fifth straight playoff berth.

3rd Place: Detroit Lions (7-7)

Detroit seems to be doing their usual late season collapse, like they do every single time they have a great shot at the playoffs. Nevertheless, they are still in the hunt. They must win both games against the Giants and Vikings in weeks 16 and 17, then have both the Packers and Bears lose next week, THEN have the Packers beat the Bears week 17 and they will have won the division. The Lions have no one to blame but themselves (and Justin Tucker) for the place they are in. They blew two games that should have been easy victories earlier in the season against the Steelers and Buccaneers, and in a season that the Packers and Bears appear heavily on the Injured Reserve, they failed to take advantage of the situation given to them. Now, all they can do is hope.

Who will win the NFC North?
The Green Bay Packers
The Chicago Bears
The Detroit Lions
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  1. The bears made it to the playoffs in 2010...


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