Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Yankees & Jacoby Ellsbury Agree On 7 Year $153 million Contract

"You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become a villain."
Why start an article off with a quote? What does that say about anything we will be looking at today? Let's just say this is a quote that will be tagged with star center fielder Jacoby Ellsbury for possibly the next seven years.

Seven years, a lot of seasons someone can impress a franchise, and that is just the opportunity for the now former Red Sox All-Star. These seven years won't be with the Mariners, the Cubs and not even the Red Sox. The New York Yankees will be seeing the Fenway icon in black and white pinstrpies for close to a decade as the team agreed to a monster seven-year $153 million contract on Tuesday.

Shock...shock sent through the minds of Red Sox nation. Shock sent through the minds of the city of Boston, and shock sent through the entire MLB fan base. Jacoby Ellsbury has now in some peoples' minds become the villain, pulling a Jonny Damon 2.0 and moving to the Yankees from the beloved Boston Red Sox after a historic playoff run.

Is he really a villain? No. Is this article coming from a die hard Red Sox fan? Indeed it is. I usually don't enjoy bringing up my favorite sports teams during my writing but this is the perfect opportunity to do so. The second that World Series trophy was hoisted in the air in front of thousands of emotional and pumped up Sox fans I noticed something.

There was just something about Ellsbury that led me to think that what we saw today sadly was going to be the inevitable end to an unforgettable career in a Boston uniform. He just seemed like he was going to be "that guy". That guy that leaves the championship team to make bank from another franchise offering a huge load of moolah.

Why did I sense this? No specific reason at all. I just thought Ellsbury was "the one". The one guy that I thought indeed would pull the Jonny Damon and go to the bitter rival, the New York Yankees. Now comes the question that will be proposed to Ellsbury for the next seven years of his life. Is he a traitor?

No. Don't go off the tracks and call him a traitor. Sitting in front of a computer right now wearing my backwards 2013 World Series hat these words are getting more and more painful to write but I have to get them out. Baseball has always been a money league, no matter what players say they clearly would not be playing ball if they didn't get a huge wad of cash for all the things that certain person has contributed to the team.

This deal was purely for the money, and that's what strikes me in this deal. Jacoby is not a traitor in my mind but I don't feel the same respect for him now like many other fans do too. He will be clearly booed and jeered in Fenway for the next seven years of his life.

                                                                 -Jacoby steals home

 "Show me the money!", a classic quote from Jerry McGuire that greatly can relate to this deal. How could he turn down $150+ million contract? And with all the connections Ellsbury's agent (Scott Boras) has to the Yankees, how did no one see this coming? It was clear in my mind that this was going to happen ever since Ellsbury popped open that champagne bottle and celebrated with his now former teammates in October.

I'm starting to get more and more emotional now as this really is reality. Seeing this underrated athlete strive from the start of the 2005 draft (23nd round pick) all the way to the minors and then of course to the big leagues really scares me to realize he came this far just to be a Yankee. Something many Sox fans won't take lightly.

The deal will not be a happy one for Red Sox fans all around the globe as it is a dark day for the Boston fans that used to cheer and wear Ellsbury's jersey. Expect some of those cheers to turn into boos, those jerseys to turn into ashes. Ashes? Dont be surprised if someone burns his shirt or jersey in the very near future (I am talking tonight).

So, before we get back into the overall aspects of this monstrous deal I want to say thank you Jacoby for giving Red Sox nation the ride of the lifetime. For six long years we saw you hoist the trophy, make the All-Star game, steal home, get us free Taco Bell (anyone remember that?) and wow us with your immaculate fielding and hitting abilities. Most of all, thank you for being one of the best leaders Red Sox nation has ever had.

Now I cant think of the same love, compassion and overall happiness that you showed Sox nation over the past six years because now the reality is we will all have to watch you play with pinstripes in the big apple. So long Jacoby! Sox nation will miss you, but the sad part is most fans won't give him the proper respect anymore due to the given team in the deal (you know who).

The deal includes an option for an eighth year (not enough years already I guess) which could possibly put the total cost of the humongous deal over $169 million. Wow.

Ellsbury was on his way from his home in Arizona to New York on Tuesday night to take the physical according to many sources. What does this mean for the Yankees?They add another extremely talented hitter/fielder to their roster which will greatly affect their success in the 2014 season. The move will most likely send Brett Gardner to left field as Jacoby will take over the starting center spot.

 At 30 Ellsbury still has plenty in him and is not near the end of his storied career anytime in the near future. He joins a select group of players that have transitioned from the rival teams. TSS congratulates Jacoby on his new big contract and sends their true blessings for the several mourning Red Sox fans (jokes). Some fans will never get over this but we indeed have to accept reality. Ellsbury's time in Boston has come to a quick, unforgiving and unforgettable end.

Accolades/stats with Boston in 6 seasons wearing the beloved white and red

-Made debut with Red Sox on June 30, 2007
Batting average .297
Home runs 65
Runs batted in 314
Stolen base 241
Hits 865

-1 time All-Star (2011)
-2 time World Series champion (2007,2013)
-3 time AL stolen bases leader (2008-2009, 2013)
-1 timeAL comeback player of the year (2011)
-1 time Gold Glove Award winner (2011)
-1 time silver slugger award winner (2011)

 "You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become a villain"

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