Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Panthers LT Jordan Gross Interviews DE Greg "The Kraken" Hardy

Greg Hardy, nicknamed "The Kraken" by his fans, gives a twenty minute interview on his intensity, how he could beat LeBron 1-on-1, and his daily life. Greg brings a feeling of fear from opposing teams OLs to the Panthers defensive line that hasn't been present since the days of Julius Peppers. Greg dawns cat-claw black war paint every game and so far this season has accumulated an impressive thirty tackles and seven sacks, which is far from his pre-season prediction of fifty, but there are still a few more games left to attain that goal. Hardy is a fan favorite and is active on both twitter and Reddit. As an Ole Miss DE stand-out, Hardy was projected to go in the first round early in his collegiate career. But, due to injuries, fell to later rounds where he was claimed by the Panthers and has helped transformed a rag-tag Carolina D to a top tier line.

Interview in Link Below

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