Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Informer vs The Question 2013 NFL Picks Challenge: Week 13

Can the Kansas City Chiefs slow down Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos in Arrowhead?

Unfortunately due to scheduling issues from Thanksgiving weekend, The Informer and The Question were forced to take the week off from writing their picks column to spend some much needed time with their families.

Honestly there was just not enough time, because of the holiday, to put in the work needed to make a picks article that would live up to the standard The Informer expects to achieve each and every week.

The Informer sincerely apologizes for any inconveniences this may have caused and he promises next week we will be back with a full-fledged 5,000 word article filled with rants, jokes, Dora the Explorer and maybe even some football talk.

Also, The Informer wants to reiterate that the lack of a picks article was entirely due to Thanksgiving and has nothing whatsoever to do with The Informer being in a semi-state of depression because the Nebraska Cornhuskers lost to the Iowa Hawkeyes on “Black Friday” for the first time in over thirty years.

Now even though there is no 5,000 word NFL rant this week, The Informer didn’t want Week 13 to kick off without getting our picks on the record (It may be Thanksgiving but people still have to get their picks/friendly wagers in); so instead of a long article, here is a brief rundown of who we are taking in Week 13 of The Informer vs. The Question 2013 NFL Picks Challenge.

One more thing before we begin; on the year The Informer has a 79-95-5 record (2-1 this week) while The Question is sitting at a dismal 78-96-5 (2-1 this week).

Have fun and enjoy Week 13 y’all. 

The Question’s Picks                                        The Informer’s Picks

Green Bay Packers (+6) Loss                       Green Bay Packers (+6) Loss

Oakland Raiders (+9.5) Win                         Oakland Raiders (+9.5) Win

Pittsburgh Steelers (+3) Win                         Pittsburgh Steelers (+3) Win

Indianapolis Colts (-4.5)                              Tennessee Titans (+4.5)

Kansas City Chiefs (+4.5)                           Denver Broncos (-4.5)

Jacksonville Jaguars (+7)                             Jacksonville Jaguars (+7)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+8)                       Carolina Panthers (-8)

Chicago Bears (PK)                                   Chicago Bears (PK)

Philadelphia Eagles (-3)                              Arizona Cardinals (+3)

New York Jets (-2)                                    Miami Dolphins (+2)

Buffalo Bills (-3)                                        Atlanta Falcons (+3)

St. Louis Rams (+8)                                  St. Louis Rams (+8)

Houston Texans (+7.5)                              New England Patriots (-7.5)

San Diego Chargers (Pk)                          Cincinnati Bengals (Pk) LKLOTW

New York Giants (-1)                               New York Giants (-1)

Seattle Seahawks (-4.5)                           New Orleans Saints (+4.5)

Lastly, The Informer took the Saints, Broncos, Patriots, Bengals and Raiders in his Las Vegas Super Picks contest.

If you are planning on making any sort of recreational (not illegal) picks/wagers/parlays/teasers with this information please be aware that The Informer is currently picking 28 percent correct in the “Super Picks” contest this season.

Basically make sure to use the above information wisely (Pick the opposite).

Hope everyone had a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

Go Donkeys. 

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