Sunday, December 15, 2013

Analyzing the Rudy Gay Trade

For the second time in the past two seasons, Rudy Gay has been traded; this time, to the Sacramento Kings. Along with Gay, Quincy Acy and Aaron Gray are being sent to Sac Town for Grievis Vasquez, Patrick Patterson, whatever is left of John Salmons and the 6'6 Center Chuck Hayes.

Before I commence this article, lets look at this tweet:

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And this one:

Masai Ujiri is practically god for pulling off this trade after the Andrea Bargnani trade.

Why Did Each Team Do This Trade?

It's rather easy to point out why the Raptors did this trade, to shed Rudy Gay's salary. Having the 14th highest salary in the NBA at $17,888,932, while scoring 19.4 PPG on 18.6 shots per game on a shooting clip of 39% is absolutely atrocious. No wonder why Masai Ujiri wanted to get rid of him so bad. Rudy Gay is a wannabe Kobe; I'm a fan of his, yet I've always said that about him. No team wants to have an inefficient scorer.. other than the Kings of course who see something else in him.


Even after trading for Derrick Williams, it's clear that the Sacramento Kings don't think he is the answer at SF with the acquisition of Rudy Gay, although I don't think he's much of an answer for a team. Sacramento needed more star-power so they decided to trade for Gay, in the hope that pairing him up with the ever-so-improving DeMarcus Cousins would win more games. This trade for Gay could be just to put people in the seats as well.

What This Trade Means For Each Team

For the Raptors, this trade means that they are full-on tanking.They WANT and NEED a top-5 pick and the higher, the better. Also, with the addition of Greivis Vasquez, it feels like Kyle Lowry has one foot out the door already. Amir Johnson is entrenched as the starting PF of the Raptors and Tyler Hansbrough is his backup. However, the acquisition of Patrick Peterson cuts into Hansbrough's minutes. Of course, Patterson has the shooting touch of a Guard, so he could play SF in big lineups, with Toronto's depth at SF being weak because of the Rudy Gay trade. Terrence Ross is most likely to be given the first opportunity to take the starting SF job, over John Salmons and Landry Fields.

For the Kings, this trade means that the Kings' management is desperate for improving the team. The Kings no longer want to get high lottery picks every single season; however, they chose a really bad year to do that with the stacked 2014 NBA draft class. With Gay taking the minutes at the 3 now, expect Williams to get more minutes playing the 4. This trade means a few added wins for the Kings, but these few added wins could cost them a franchise player.

Does This Trade Make Each Team Better or Worse?

For the Raptors, it is quite obvious that the trade of their best player is going to affect the team. However, this is for the better as it gives them a better chance to draft the best franchise player possible.

For the Kings, this trade makes them better, record wise, but the acquisition of Rudy Gay hinders their bright future. However, if Gay's contract is extended by the Kings after his contract ends, they will have two high-flying, athletic wings in Ben McLemore and him.

Who Won This Trade?

Winner: Toronto Raptors

Masai Ujiri is the 2013-14 Executive of the Year winner and the season hasn't even hit it's halfway point. Pulling off this trade, not only cleared up salary to possibly sign a free agent in the offseason but also helped the Raptors secure a top 5, or maybe even top 3, selection in the up and coming draft. Pete D'Alessandro's intentions were good but this trade hurt the Kings. When it comes to the 2014 NBA Draft, the Kings GM will regret this trade, knowing that he could've gotten Jabari Parker or Andrew Wiggins. It is quite obvious that's Ujiri's Raptors have won this so-called "blockbuster" trade.

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