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2013 NFL MVP Peyton Manning And The Informer's Thursday Night NFL Pick

There is only one 2013 NFL MVP and he plays in Denver.

(Editor's note- The Informer will get to the Thursday night NFL game in a second, but first he needs to address the 2013 NFL MVP Award. Thank you for indulging The Informer in his rant.)

Can someone please explain to The Informer the thought process a person has when saying things like “Peyton Manning is not the 2013 NFL MVP?”

Are the people who make this argument trying to give The Informer an aneurism? Do they actually believe the words that are coming out of their mouths? Do they even watch NFL football?

Honestly The Informer wants to know the answer? I mean obviously the answer can’t be that they actually think someone not named Peyton Manning is the MVP –right?

This past week alone The Informer has heard/read three separate people making the case that Manning will probably win the MVP; however there are other players with deserving arguments.

First there was ESPN/Grantland’s Bill Simmons (The Informer’s idol) saying a person could make a legitimate case Detroit Lions WR Calvin Johnson is the MVP. His rationale was whenever Johnson does not play, like against the Green Bay Packers earlier in the year, the Lions offense is complete garbage.

While The Informer agrees with his idol that the Lions offense is garbage without Johnson; what do you think would happen to the Denver Broncos offense without Manning?

The Informer can tell you exactly what would happen; just like two years ago, also known in Denver as B.P. (Before Peyton), the Broncos would be one of the worst offenses in NFL history.

Again do not get The Informer wrong, his favorite NFL player is Calvin Johnson, so he knows how good and dominant the guy is. Nonetheless to say the “Megatron” is the 2013 MVP over Manning is ludicrous.

With that said; at least Johnson is the best at his position so an argument, while absurd, is kind of feasible. You want to know an argument that is not feasible? The people arguing Tom Brady should win the award because he is winning games with a terrible supporting cast.

Now normally The Informer is all for the media hyping Brady as the greatest thing since sliced bread, but in this case to try and give the award to a quarterback who is on pace to throw 23 touchdowns over a guy who is on pace to break every single relevant NFL single season passing record is mind boggling.

Honestly if we are going to give Brady the award this year for just winning games (Fewer wins than Peyton by the way), then The Informer demands we retroactively give the 2011 NFL MVP award to Tim Tebow for doing the same thing.

This brings us to the most astonishing, astounding, moronic, idiotic, ludicrous, absurd “Manning is NOT you’re MVP” arguments The Informer has stumbled upon.

It happened yesterday while reading one of the mainstream media half-season award articles.

In the article The Informer actually read the sentence (The Informer is paraphrasing); “It is extremely difficult to ignore Philip Rivers 72.2 completion percentage with his lesser supporting cast. But Manning’s 29 touchdowns against Rivers 17 won out –for now.”

Excuse The Informer for a second while he goes into surprised cartoon character voice: What . . . What . . . Whaaaaat!!!?

The above sentence implies that yes Manning is winning “For Now”, but at some-point, River’s 72.2 completion percentage, may make said writer change his MVP vote to Rivers.

The Informer has only one follow up question: Are you freaking kidding me?

Okay just for fun let’s pretend that Manning doesn’t have a better QB Rating this season (119, 3rd best rating in the history of the NFL), that he doesn’t have a better Total QBR (84.2-75.6), that he isn’t averaging 1.5 more TD passes per game, that he hasn’t thrown less interceptions, won more games, or that he is not on pace to throw for 5,824 yards; which is roughly 900 yards more than Rivers.

(Quick note – The Informer has no idea what a Total QBR or a QB Rating is, but clearly in both categories Manning is far superior to Rivers so we will pretend like they are important just like people pretend completion percentage is important.)

So pretending all of those numbers don’t actually exist, or as the writer points out, they are a byproduct of Rivers having less talent on his team than Manning; then yes a person focusing solely on Rivers 72.2 completion percentages could make the case that he should be the NFL MVP.

Unfortunately that is not how the NFL works.

You have to look at all the relevant numbers; wins, touchdowns, INT, completion percentage, Total QBR and QB Rating when deciding who is the most valuable player.

Now keep in mind the guy from the mainstream did actually say Manning was the first half MVP; so ultimately he made the right call.

The pick is not why The Informer is upset.

The Informer is upset with the fact that the writer tried to make it sound like it was a tough call.

Let me assure everyone, there is no tough call about it. Manning has been the most hands down dominant, consistent, awesome, valuable player in the NFL so far this season and quite possibly ever.

Sadly, we have reached the point where the media is bored writing about how great Manning is so they have to start saying things like; “Well Rivers really has been blah blah blah,” or “ Andrew Luck and Drew Brees actually mean more to their team because of blah blah blah.”

Listen, The Informer understands the en vogue trend these days is to always go against the obvious and the main stream. The Informer gets it; there is nothing cool or hip about the status quo.

Here is the thing though: If you’re one of the people making these against the grain arguments then your argument needs to be backed up factually.

Saying Rivers was almost your first half MVP because his completion percentage is 72.2 percent, compared to Manning’s 71.2 percent, is not backing up your argument; it is a half-a**ed lazy use of a stat to try and make a point/story that is not there.

Like The Informer said; everyone is entitled to their opinion, but let’s make sure we are using common sense when making said opinions. Just because Manning is running away with the MVP race doesn’t mean we need to try and manufacture a candidate to beat him.

The fact of the matter is, sometimes the obvious answer to the question is the right answer.

This season the obvious MVP answer is Manning and no matter what anyone tries to say from here on out; the facts, the stats, the evidence and every other word you want to use say the same thing–“Archie’s boy” winning his NFL record fifth MVP award is the right answer.

Now that The Informer has rambled on about the most obvious topic of the season: Why don't we finish up with "The Informer vs. The Question's Thursday Night Football picks?"


“The Question”

Give me the Washington Redskins tonight as the Minnesota Vikings are one of those teams that always find a way to lose. In my personal opinion it is pretty obvious the Vikes are trying to tank this season.

I mean that is really the only explanation for having Josh Freeman, who had been acquired two weeks before, throw the football 50 times in a single game. Honestly, the Vikings are either “Drowning for Clowney” or their coaching staff is just really bad.

I am not ruling out the ladder by the way.

Oh and don’t forget the Minnesota offense continues to try and throw the ball all over the field even though they have Adrian Peterson . . .aka the best running back on the planet.

To steal a line from The Informer, “Why do they even Christian Ponder passing?”

Pick: Skins -2.5

“The Informer”

Oh great . . . The Informer was going to use the “Ponder passing” angle to describe why he was going to pick the Skins this week, but obviously since “The Question” is now stealing The Informer’s lines we will have to use a different strategy.

“Informer it does not matter what strategy you implore, your crappy pick is going to lose. Haven’t you figured this out yet? Seriously who is coaching you on picking NFL games –Leslie Frazier? You are the worst.”

Now that made The Informer laugh, but in all seriousness you know it is bad when the figment of my imagination is lumping your team’s head coach in with my terrible picks.

Anyways, which means quiet down we are about to talk about the savior RG3, The Informer is picking the Skins this week because RG3 is starting to look like RG3 and the 3-5 Redskins are a better football team than the 1-7 Vikings (Thursday night rule just take the better team).

The Informer is thinking this is going to be the first week RG3 completely dominates the game; which will lead to the mainstream media over-hyping the return of RG3 to the point that he will become the front runner for the MVP, the Comeback Player of the Year and even his second consecutive Rookie of the Year award.

You guys think The Informer is joking, but just wait and see what happens after RG3 has 300 yards passing, 100 yards rushing and produces five touchdowns against one of the worst defenses in the NFL.

Just remember when the internet explodes after RG3 goes all "Video game Michael Vick" tonight that The Informer called it first.

Enjoy the game all, should be a fun night for Skins fans.

Pick: Washington -2.5

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